The Shadow Road by Belinda Burke

51NEVm6y4wL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Title: The Shadow Road
Series: Eight Kingdoms, #4
Author: Belinda Burke
Genre: Fantasy/ Paranormal/ Werewolves
Length: 156 pages
Publisher: Pride Publishing (December 15, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: Spring is dead. Summer is divided. Autumn has its darkness…and Winter waits.

In the wake of Dealla’s latest atrocity, Macsen has learned a lesson he will never forget. To love is to fear, and he intends to make sure that his fear never comes to pass. Bran is less than pleased with being left behind while Macsen hunts Dealla, but he has trouble of his own to distract him. An unknown ability is growing in him—magic that has nothing of Summer in it. Disturbed, Bran convinces Macsen to come with him to question his mother. Only she knows who Bran’s father is, and the secret half of his bloodline is the most likely source of his new power.

Elenn agrees to Bran’s request, but for her own reasons. Faelan, one of the gancanagh, is to be Bran’s guide to his father, and she has ordered him to seduce the Red King and prove his love false. Faelan has no desire to follow through, but also no choice. His queen has commanded, and he must obey.

Macsen and Bran aren’t the only lovers whose feelings are being put to the test. After five thousand years of separation, Myrddin has no choice but to accept Kas’ help in restoring the spring and its rite to the mortal world. The difficulty is that he wants Kas to desire him for himself, not out of necessity, and the whole of reality is standing in his way.

Where is the line that divides determination from desire? Love is power—but is it enough?

ISBN: 978-1-78430-941-1

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: This is the fourth book in the Eight Kingdoms series.

This is a wonderfully written book that draws you into a fantasy world where all is not as it seems. Evil comes in many forms and forces work against those with the best of intentions.

Mascen is still on the hunt for Dealla after what she did in the last book. Though I understood his need to find the evil woman I was concerned for Bran being left behind seeing as how she hated Bran.
Myriddan and Kas’ situation truly broke my heart.

These two have loved each other for a very long time and have to wait and watch while the other was with someone else. I was glad they were in a book for more than a couple of sentences because I felt they truly needed something more.

Great characters and details lead the reader further into the Eight Kingdoms series.
* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

A Bear Walks into a Bar by Eden Winters

61-Ps2MRuPL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title: A Bear Walks into a Bar
Series: N/A
Author: Eden Winters
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 181 pages
Publisher: Rocky Ridge Books; First edition (January 16, 2016)
Heat Level: Explicit
Blurb: It takes one strong alpha with a tight grip to keep a mountain full of shifters under control. Sawyer Ballantine’s contending with an uppity wolf leader and a herd of shifter elk bound and determined to take over. He might be the lone bear on the mountain, but he’s not going to allow another four shifters to just move in, especially not when they whiff of power. They’ll either be his in all ways, or they’ll be gone.

Dillon, Jerry, Kevin, and Brad have no one but each other since their groups kicked them out. The young bear, wolves, and fox make a merry ménage, pooling their meager skills and serving beer. They’ve stumbled into more than they understand, caught in the dispute between the Urso of Ballantine Mountain and the elk. But winter’s setting in, and they don’t know how to keep Dillon safe for hibernation.

And then a bear walks into their bar.


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Reviewer: Shorty

Shorty’s Review: ♥♥♥♥3.75 Hearts

Sawyer, the sole remaining bear shifter, has his hands full trying to keep in line several different species of shifters his protection. When he learns about some new shifters in his territory without permission he goes to see why they are there.

He meets bear shifter Dillon, fox shifter Brad, wolf shifters Kevin and Jerry who are all best friends and own the Bear Claw a bar. I really liked how Sawyer tried his best to listen to everyone’s complaints and resolve them peacefully. Brian was a pain who needed dealing with to stop the unrest he was trying to stir up.
Rudy the leader of the wolves at times seemed cowed by Brian which was not good in my opinion.

There are a lot of characters introduced in the book. Though I really the “story” of the book I felt there was way more se in it than there needed to be. It seemed only a little story and the rest sex which I did not like as I only read one sex scenes and skip the rest. So I was annoyed at how many sex scenes there were.

I was concerned about the way Sawyer used sex to keep the others in line to a point. What would happen if the person he had to deal with under his protection was 100% straight? Would he force them to have sex with him?

Great story but too heavy on the sex for my taste.

Lisa’s Review:  ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

I have read a few stories from Eden in the past and have noticed a lot of them have some pretty good story lines but most are way to sexual for me. Not that I don’t like a lot of sex but when it involves more than 2 or three men who love each other, then I lose interest real fast.

This story is pretty much like a porn to me. A high percentage was sex and the rest was the story itself. In this story it has a level of hierarchy to it. Multiple partners engaging in quite a bit of sex and a bear that at first wants to run them out-of-town. Another group that just wants to get rid of them period. It had a serious tone to it but there is quite a bit of humor in it also. If you love menage’s between shifters and a story that is heavy on sex than you will definitely like this story.

I based my rating on the fact that it does have an interesting story to tell. It gives a new look into shifters and their world that will have you drooling by the time you finish it. It is told in a different type of tone and if you are into stories like this then it will definitely intrigue you and keep you entertained. However for me I am more for the story, plot and characters. I love sex like many readers are however when a story is more sex then actual story I lose interest real fast.

Dillion is a bear shifter who had been kicked out because not only did he not follow the no sex rule, but he was also gay. His alpha had been a cruel one and banned him from his sleuth. He had left and made a little family of his own. There were four of them all different types of shifters. They ran their bar and had fun at all times. They were also very sexual together and apart. Even though the Elk’s wanted them gone times were going good for them. Then in walked one hell of a sexy shifter and Dillion was fascinated. Sawyer was another bear.

Sawyer is alpha all the way and when he heard of four shifters in his territory his goal was to run them out. That is until he see’s them and boy was it going to get frisky. Sawyer’s domination of his group leads is not the best at times, he is getting stressed by all of it. However he looks forward to sharing it with Dillion.

Now I am sure that many will love this book, but for me it was more sex than anything. It didn’t capture my attention like it should. I love a good book that has a good plot, a lot of action and suspense, a bit of mystery and a touch of danger. The plot is simple and engaging but not enough to keep my attention. Although if you like variety of partners, lots of sex, shifter hierarchy, a lot of king then this will be for you.

It is a good story, but not for me.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

A Dragon's Dream by A.M. Halford

adragonsdreamTitle: A Dragon’s Dream
Series: Itayu Lake, #1
Author: A.M. Halford
Genre: Paranormal/ Shifters
Length: Novella (148 Pages)
Publisher: Siren/Bookstrand Publishing (December 3, 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ Hearts
Blurb: Jason has been verbally abused by most of his family his entire life. Believing he’s unworthy and a disappointment to the people he loves he runs from the prophetic dreams that promise to lead him to his destined mate.

Michel is a dragon prince and can’t understand why his mate is hiding. Frustrated after years of searching, he’s grown tired. A chance meeting at Jason’s brother’s new diner allows them to meet and for fate to finally take its course.

Nothing is that simple though and Jason’s own fears and insecurities about mating start rising to the surface. Michel needs to find a way for Jason to see the worth he holds and accept who he is. These matters are complicated by his mate’s own family and the damage they’ve inflicted.

Still, Michel refuses to give up and wants nothing more than to show Jason he’s loved and wanted.

ISBN: 978-1-63259-923-0

Product Link:

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: I have always loved reading a good paranormal romance especially when the main characters are men. There is just something about the different world they come from even if they are technically just living in the boonies away from the humans. I have not come across that many where it involved dragon shifters so when I come across them I am jumping for joy. This author is new to me and I was quite fascinated with the world they gave me.

Now Jason was born into a family that were total asshats. His sire is a judgmental prick who doesn’t like other types of shifters. His dam is a meek little twit that doesn’t stand up for her children. The only brother who is decent is Jacob. The others are total asses although Jared is slowly changing his tune. Jason knows he has a mate, but he has been running from him. He was told the only way to be was meek and follow all orders. However that was not the way he wanted. Michel has other ideas.

Michel has been searching for his mate for some time, only he had no idea why he couldn’t find him. That is until he walks into a diner and spots him. He has to find a way to get around Jason’s fears to help he realize that their mating was going to happen.

Now I realize that this author is new but there were some issues that should have been caught right off the bat. Sentences or words used that either didn’t make sense or were in the wrong spot. Also way too many POVs put into their story.

Jason definitely comes off weak and the fact that he ran from his mate for way to long, shows that he needs to be smacked upside the head a few times. Jason deserves to get his ass kicked by his mate that is for sure, but Michel is not that type of mate.

Other than those issues I had a lot of fun reading it and can’t wait to get the next book. It has a serious tone to it but there is a bit of humor that makes it even better. I also loved Michel’s supportive behavior and protective behavior with Jason. I do love a good mating.

I enjoyed reading this and would recommend it.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

Forever Dead by Sara Dobie Bauer

81svn4AfTkL._SL1406_Title: Forever Dead
Series: N/A
Author: Sara Dobie Bauer
Genre: Erotic Romance/Paranormal
Length: Short Story (26 Pages)
Publisher: Sara Dobie Bauer (January 15, 2015)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2.5Hearts
Blurb: Even centuries didn’t prepare Dario for Zach Mede and a love that took his vampire heart by storm. But loving a mortal holds dangers of its own. A mortal can be murdered … and murderers are everywhere.

Product Link:

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This was not what I had expected. It was a pretty good book, if not long enough. I would have loved for it to be expanded and had a lot more to it. As it was, I actually found myself liking it quite a bit. I had some minor issues with it, but it wasn’t enough for me to not get into it. It gave me most of what I wanted in a good paranormal book.
Dario and Zach had met over ten years ago when Dario tried to kill him. Zach is a vampire hunter and a cop, where as Dario is the vampire and activist.

They seem to be fighting for the same thing, but when they hook up it is like fighting with sex. It has some kink to it that is for sure. They are in search of a killer, who has their sights set on Zach. It is up to Dario to save him, or maybe the other way around in the end.

It gives you excitement, kinky sex, danger, and a very strange story altogether. I would recommend reading it. It is a cute little book that will be great for when you are on a break or you just want to read a short story for fun.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through *

Chasing His Mate by Marie Medina

chasinghismate__70886.1410737888.300.450Title: Chasing His Mate
Series: The Year of the Moons # 1
Author: Marie Medina
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Erotic, Shifters/Vampires
Length: Novella (83 pages)
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts
Blurb: Stryker has been looking forward to finding his fated mate for decades, but from the start, nothing goes as he’d dreamed. His mate refuses to even meet him, denying the mate bond without giving him a chance and actually running away to avoid hearing the vampire’s pleas.

Joseph sees humans who throw themselves at vampires as weak and stupid, and he has no intention of giving up his free will simply because a vampire orders him to. His heart has been through enough without being forced to pretend he loves someone, so he flees. He wants true love and sees no logic in trusting fate to simply drop the real thing right into his lap.

But Stryker refuses to give up and pursues his mate, prepared to do anything to make Joseph see what he’s really running away from.

Be Warned: m/m sex

ISBN: 978-1-77233-014-4
Product Link:
Reviewer: Shorty
Review: Joseph runs as soon as he’s told a vampire is his mate. He wants nothing to do with the man. Especially considering he’s already been in an abusive relationship and has no intentions of allowing someone else control him and tell him what to do.

Stryker, a vampire, is hurt and devastated to learn that instead of wanting to meet him his mate runs. Stryker does the only thing he can think of, he goes after Joseph. Upon finding him, he does something he should not have done. He lies to him and claims he’s someone he’s not.

I loved the entire story. Stryker going after Joseph was sweet and romantic however, he ruined it by not being truthful from the start but I understand why he didn’t. Joseph really needed to stop running every time he got upset it wasn’t healthy for him. So glad they got together as they seemed to be perfect for one another

Fantastic read. Highly recommended.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through*

At His Mercy by Marie Medina

athismercy__38418.1418952421.300.450Title: At His Mercy
Series: The Year of the Moons # 2
Author: Marie Medina
Genre: Paranormal/ Erotic/ Shifters/Vampires
Length: Novella (92 pages)
Publisher: Evernight Publishing (December 18th, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts
Blurb: Ian opposes the death penalty and hopes to convince the king to show mercy to one of his subjects. Ian’s desire to free the man in his dungeon only grows when he discovers that the feisty, sharp-tongued leopard shifter is his mate.

Kamon’s life is already complicated enough when Ian steps into it. Kamon’s always relied on no one but himself, yet now he begins to envision a very different future. He’s trying to keep Ian at arm’s length, but that grows harder every day as the vampire works relentlessly to change the mind of a king who’s never before granted any subject a pardon.

Be Warned: m/m sex, rimming, spanking, bondage

ISBN: 978-1-77233-166-0
Product Link:
Reviewer: Shorty
Review: Ian is a caring vampire who detests the death penalty. He in charge of housing a supposed murderer until the king’s arrival. What he doesn’t expect is for the prisoner to be his mate or a shifter. Even before he finds that out, he decides to help the man as much as he can.

Kamon is a shifter who has taken the blame for something he didn’t do and is fully prepared to die to protect the person guilty of the crime. He is stunned when he scents the vampire who comes to speak with him and discovers he’s his mate. But he knows all they have is a few days at best.

Such a wonderfully written story about two men who are deeply attracted to another. One trying his best to help prove the others innocence and the other who is stubborn and proud. I really enjoyed the details f how the book progressed especially about the crime and why it as committed. I didn’t understand how Kamon’s sister let her brother take the fall for something she did. It makes me wonder if she ever would’ve confessed to her crime if not Ian intervening on Kamon’s behalf.

I loved this story and can’t wait to see what the author has in store next. Highly recommended.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through*

Angel of Darkness by Tyler May

814XIJGHXHL._SL1500_Title: Angel of Darkness
Series: N/A
Author: Tyler May
Genre: Paranormal, Vampire
Length: Novel (264 pages)
Publisher: Hot Ink Press (November 20, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts
Blurb: “Sleep, my boy, our time is coming soon.”

As a boy, Christian Bowman was obsessed with vampires and the paranormal. After a tragic event in his life, he found solace in reading and dreaming of the dark and mysterious tales.

Now twenty-one, his fantasy becomes a reality when he meets Zander, a blind vampire. Christian now has the chance to live the fantasy that up until now, he has only been able to dream about. Will his dream turn into a nightmare when he sees just how dark and dangerous a real vampire’s world can be?
Christian is in love with his Angel of Darkness. But is their love strong enough to withstand obstacles that come with loving a vampire? And more importantly, is there a happily-ever-after in a vampire’s world?

A vampire and a soul that never died; Darkness stole their past, but can his light save their future?

M/M paranormal erotic romance. Not suitable for readers under 18, due to language and explicit sexual situations.

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Zander is a vampire that was turned in the 1800’s by his wife. He had a lover named Thomas who was killed by his vampire wife after she caught them together. Now many years later he finds Thomas’ soul in Christian. He is the leader of his small vampire group and owns a club.

Christian works for Zander in his tour business. He is shocked to find out that Zander is a vampire and even more shocked to find out they were lovers long ago. After Christian is attacked, he decides not to work for Zander anymore.

Christian is slowly learning about vampires with Zander’s help. Unfortunately, there is a killer on the loose who is killing vampires. This killer has killed a few inside the club.

Full of drama and mystery this story has plenty of things to keep a reader interested. The hot sex between Zander and Christian added spice to the story. Good read.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through*

Mating the Enemy by Shea Balik

matingtheenemyTitle: Mating the Enemy
Series: Paranormal Wars: Stone Haven, #1
Author: Shea Balik
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Novella (128 pages)
Publisher: Siren-BookStrand, Inc (April 9th 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4.5 Hearts
Blurb: Siberian Tiger shifter, Aleksi Rykov, is amused to watch the enemy chasing one of their own, psy, Seth Tilton, until he realizes it’s his mate. Rescuing his mate isn’t difficult for the powerful Alpha but keeping his mate safe from the war raging between their races may be more difficult.

Seth is taking a chance running to the one man he knows can keep him safe, Aleksi. Seth knows the psy’s secrets and the psy will do anything to get him back but with Aleksi’s help, Seth can help turn the tide of the war and uncover the horrible truth. The question is will Aleksi be willing to help the enemy?

Both sides are against their mating and doing their best to tear the two apart but Aleksi and Seth are determined to stay together against all odds. Can Aleksi and Seth manage to find happiness by mating the enemy?

ISBN: 978-1-62741-571-2

Purchase Link:

Reviewer: Leigh

Review: This book is part of a series and should be read in order.
This book has a unique take on the paranormal world. They were created by the Gods to save the earth from being destroyed by the humans. However, humans imprisoned the shifters and mystics when they showed their gifts at birth.

The psy were able to hide, but they developed a jealously over the fact that the other paranormals seemed to have immortality and were stronger. Now the psy are trying to wipe out the shifter and mystics and take control of the human race. Each book has a main couple that finds their chance at love and happiness. But there is the overall story arc of the war going on between the paranormals.

Aleski is the Alpha Primus, the leader of the Shifter – Mystic Alliance. He led the fight to free paranormals from humans and he now leads the war against the psy who are jealous of their immortality. He has been alone a long time and is so happy to find his mate in Seth, even if he is a psy. He will do anything to protect him from both the psy and his own people. He is the big bad Alpha. But Seth brings out the gentleness in him. Seth has seen the worst the psy has to offer. He was used as an experiment by his own parents to gain more power.

He runs from them after they try to force him to kill a young wolf shifter. Seth has run to the one man he thinks can help him, Aleski. Little did he know he would find the one man who would be able to give him safety and love for the first time in his life.

Together Alek and Seth burn up the pages. Their sex scenes are hot and leave nothing to the imagination. Alek is strong and powerful and uses that to protect Seth. But he is also gentle and loving to Seth. Seth is a spunky package that has no problem arguing with Alek. He keeps Alek on his toes and will not sit in the background. I loved him right away in the opening of the book. The interaction between them is a times tender and sweet, hot and steamy, or laugh out loud hilarious.

This story drew me in. This was well written with very good imagery. It gives the history of the paranormal race and the MCs without being overdone. The secondary characters are interesting and made me want to learn more about them in their own books.

This book is a very good first entry in the series.

Desires Unleashed by D.N. Simmons Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

D.N. Simmons - Desires Unleashed  Banner MM Good Book
Hiya guys, we have D.N. Simmons stopping by to introduce an oldie but goody Desires Unleashed, the first book in her Knights of the Darkness Chronicles. We have a character teaser, a tantalizing excerpt, a fantastic giveaway and Leigh’s review. So guys enjoy the post and then click that Rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~

Desires Unleashed

(Knights of the Darkness Chronicles 01)

D.N. Simmons

Desires Unleashed is the first novel in the riveting, highly addictive and sexually-charged Knights of the Darkness Chronicles. Experience the  heart-pounding thrill of the chase in this electrifying page-turner as you uncover the mystery behind the series of gruesome killings that have been terrorizing the citizens of Chicago.

With mutilated bodies being discarded all around the thriving city of Chicago, the highly-trained, government-funded police force, better known as the S.U.I.T., has assigned two detectives to discover who or what is behind the series of gruesome murders. Soon into their investigation, the detectives realize that they are in over their heads and if they are going to stop the menace before the next attack, they are going to have to seek the help of two unlikely individuals.

Original, sexy and gritty, the Knights of the Darkness Chronicles will suck you in and take you for a ride you won’t forget!

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Blackwater Falls: Feeling No Pain by Shannon West and Susan E. Scott

81baSEQqjKL._SL1500_Title: Blackwater Falls: Feeling No Pain
Series: Blackwater Falls, #4
Author: Shannon West & Susan E. Scott
Genre: BDSM/ Mystery/ Paranormal
Length: Novella (143 pages)
Publisher: Dark Hollow Press (May 11th, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 1/2Heart
Blurb: By pulling on his leathers and entering Cuffs, the BDSM club he frequents, Holden MacKay can leave his life in Blackwater Falls behind and become “Bobby,” a masochist and sexual submissive. The pain he craves soothes something deep inside him and makes him feel alive, and the role he plays in the club enables him to fully connect with his sexual self in a way he never could with traditional sex.

But when Holden meets the aloof and sexy Dom, Sloane McClain, there’s something about the man who reaches in and grabs him right through the excesses of alcohol and drugs Holden normally indulges in.

Could this man be the mate he’s waited for, but thought he’d never find? Holden needs to figure out if what he’s feeling is real, or if it’s all just wishful thinking. But he has more secrets than just his name, and too much to lose if anyone discovers them.

And when someone begins killing the Doms Holden plays with and dumping their bodies outside Blackwater Falls, he has to act not only to find the killer and protect his secrets, but to save the man he’s beginning to love more than his own life.

Product Link:!feeling-no-pain/c20x1

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Handsome Holden MacKay frequents a BDSM club so he can escape for a while from his life in Blackwater Falls. He flirts and plays with all the Doms there to satisfy his masochist and submissive tendencies except for with sexy aloof Sloane McClain. Holden knows Sloane’s his mate now he just needs to convince him.

Sexy Dom and Deputy, Sloane McClain wants Holden MacKay but he doesn’t want to be just another Dom Holden plays with, so he acts casual as if he could care less about Holden. But when Holden is in trouble, Sloane comes to the rescue.

This book has a lot going on in it. From Hawke’s feud with Holden and the reason why, to him making his mate Jace mad at him. There are three grisly murders that happen only to Dom’s of the club Holden and Sloane frequent. The killer’s identity shocked me. Sloane tries his best to get Holden to be with him but Holden keeps running until he ends up getting seriously hurt by another Dom.The sex between Holden and Sloane was hot.

Great read with drama, mystery, and intense scenes.

Deconstructing Channing by B.A. Tortuga Book Blast, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

B.A. Tortuga - Deconstructing Channing BlueChanning600x600Banner

Hi minions, today we have the fabulous B.A. Tortuga visiting with her newest release Deconstructing Channing, this is a sexy little shifter story with just the right dose of BDSM *shiver*, B.A. teases us with a sexy little excerpt and there’s a great giveaway, so read my review, check out the rest of the post and then click that Rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~

B.A. Tortuga - Deconstructing Channing _HiResSM

Deconstructing Channing


B.A. Tortuga

When they were young together back in their werecat pride, Bowie and Channing experimented with love and sex, as well as flirting with a threesome with their best friend, Emma. Channing and Emma both ran from their needs, leaving Bowie to break away and find his own life. Now a confident master dominant, Bowie discovers Channing again through a video of a consummate sub, one who Bowie knows he needs to find once more.

When Bowie shows up on his doorstep, Channing feels like a teenager again, all confusion and need. He doesn’t date his own kind, only humans, and he’s not in the market for a full time master. Bowie is impossible to deny, a force of nature, and while both men know they’ll have to think about Emma eventually, now is the time to see if they can get to know, and love each other, all over again.

Amazon: Deconstructing Channing

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The V-Unit by Max Vos Blog Tour, Guest Post, Giveaway & Review!

Max Vos V-Unit - TourBanner_Final_edited-1Hey guys, we have Max Vos visiting us today with his hot military vampire story The V-Unit. Max tells us a teeny tiny bit about the creation of The V-Unit, he brings a great giveaway and you can have a peek at my review. So have a gander at what we have to offer, pant over that cover (if the guy in the back had a scar under his eye I would swear it was my brother minus the tats) and then click that Rafflecopter… Good luck guys <3 ~Pixie~

The V-Unit


Max Vos

Max Vos V-Unit - V_unit_600x900

Only a select few in the human world knew of the existence of the V-Unit, a small group of highly trained Marines – who happened to be vampires. And it would have stayed that way. But when events in the vampire world, threatened the stability of the human world, the powers that be called for the unit’s specialized services.

An intrepid war correspondent, Bronson Rudan, who’d seen more than his fair share of fighting, stumbles across the unit by accident, and is drawn into their world. Bronson has no problem with that, given that he gets to spend time with a hunky Marine Lieutenant, Sarge. Although he won’t remember any of this when they’re through.

At least, that was the plan…

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Night by Erik Clarke

night_exlarge_PNG-210x336Title: Night
Series: The Spellbound Series, #1
Author: Erik Clarke
Genre: Paranormal/ Erotic Romance
Length: Novel (229 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-7818-4965-1
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (January 31st, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Given the powers of an Incubus, could you resist the urge to take the one man you’ve always secretly wanted?

Sex makes the world go round, right?

Or so it seems to Cole Turner, a Seer who can See everyone’s future except his own, when a gift from his Dreamwalking best friend Luke turns his world upside down. Overnight, Cole gains all the allure of an Incubus, drawing suitors to him like moths to a flame. But after a few days of revelling in the fun, reality takes a turn—the mysterious drug he took, known only as “Night,” had to come from someone, and that someone is pissed, on a homicidal scale. Each sexual encounter makes Cole’s attraction grow stronger, making it ever more difficult to just walk outside. And Luke, the Seer’s go-to in times of need, now wants him like everyone else, a point made even worse by the secret desires Cole has for the friend he had always assumed was straight.

Swamped in sex, powerless to See if the future holds any hope for salvation, and at constant risk of losing both his best friend and his life, Cole is about to find out if he’s strong enough to beat the Night racing through his system—and if his relationship with Luke is strong enough to survive it as well.

This is book one in the Spellbound series, see the full series listing here

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Review: This is the first book in this series. It does contain sex with multiple parties so if you are one that can’t handle it you shouldn’t read this story. Luke gives Cole what is called Night. A drug to help him be better at seeing what is going to happen. What he had not expected was that Night is actually Incubus cum concentrated. Talk about a raging turn on. Everywhere he goes men and women are throwing themselves at him. Too bad the one man he really wants is not only his best friend but also straight as an arrow.

That was what he thought at least. It turns out that he had kissed Luke before he had taken the drug. And Luke let him, seemed to actually like it. This story is actually funny to say the least. You see a man going out just walking down the street and all of a sudden, men and women are touching, licking, and kissing at him. Doesn’t matter if they are straight or not, he had the essence of an incubus. An incubus that is pissed off to say the least. Now all he has to do is figure out what he is going to do with all those throwing themselves at him, a best friend who wants him all of a sudden, and an incubus wanting revenge.

This story brings out all sorts of questions and not very many answers. However, I truly loved it. It made me laugh through the whole story. It caught my attention from the start and did keep it all the way to the end. I loved how the characters mix with each other and to say the sex is not only hot but also full of passion that would set the sheets on fire. I loved the way Cole wants Nick but assumes that Nick is completely straight. It’s the saying “It’s what you get for thinking” that gets me the whole time reading this. All he wanted was to see better, he could see everyone around him, but when it comes to his own life he cannot see any of it. So how did he end up wanted by everyone?

I would recommend this story to anyone who loves multiple partners, crazy men and women, hot sex, major lust for a best friend, the paranormal worlds, and an angry incubus who is out to get the one who sucked his essence out and gave it away. I told you it was funny.

Full Moon Dating: Coy and Denver

81Um96zPUKL._SL1500_Title: Full Moon Dating: Coy and Denver

Series: Full Moon Dating

Author: Julia Talbot

Length: Novella (57 Pages)

Publisher: Torquere Press Publishing (January 9th, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Coy is a big city werewolf who heads to mountain Colorado on the word of the team at Full Moon Dating, a paranormal dating service. He’s not sure Denver Allen is the vamp for him, but it can’t hurt to take a vacation and get a little hot loving in the process.

Denver knows Coy is the one for him when they meet, but there’s the whole issue of who the ultimate predator is between them. There’s also the problem of all that biting. Can Denver and Coy work out their troubles before it’s too late for both of them?


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Review: This book was amazing if not bizarre. I love the paranormal worlds especially when it involves two very hot and sexy men. Julia has a great ability to write such wonderful stories. The abilities to mix such emotions and feelings between two wonderful men who only want a mate.


Coy is a werewolf and Denver is a vampire pretty unique characters who only want to find love. Although they were not the ones who actually signed up for the paranormal dating service, they did find true love. They have their strengths and weaknesses that complement each other. Coy is a cowboy who originally thinks vampires are stiff and uppity with attitudes. However they are both shocked when they realize they definitely have the hots for each other and it goes even further for they are falling for each other fast.


I hope there is more to this story. It would make for a great series, although I wished that it were longer in length with more description and action. It was pretty hot but I want to know more about where each other come from, how they got to where they are, now and where they want to head. It does make for a quick read with bits of humor throughout. I did like the story.

Trickster by Nicola Cameron

trickster2__10218.1392231823.300.450Title: Trickster

Author: Nicola Cameron

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (65 pages)

Publisher: Evernight Publishing (February 12th 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Tams

Blurb: Delaney Smith, coyote shifter and Trickster Technologies executive, thinks humans are bland, boring, and undateable. So he gets the shock of his life when he comes back from vacation and scents his mate in the Trickster offices — a mate who is not only male, but quite human.

Mark Fellowes is taken aback when the CTO at his new contract job makes a pass at him, and even more surprised at his temptation to respond. Straight and dating a career-minded businesswoman, he’s never even thought about kissing another man — until now.

When Mark is attacked by thieves trying to steal company files, Delaney must put aside his preconceptions to protect his mate. But will a criminal bent on destroying Trickster Tech separate them before he can stake his claim?

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Review: When Delaney Smith returns to work from his vacation, he’s a little surprised to sense his mate in the building. Being a Coyote Shifter, he knows the importance of the mate bond, so when his mate turns out to be a male, he’s not really too surprised. But his straight mate who happens to have a girlfriend is shocked when Delaney makes a pass at him.

Mark Fellowes is loving his new contract job, until the boss comes across his desk and tries to kiss him. He is shocked and upset, at first, until he stops to think about his bodies reaction to the man. Trying to clear his mind, he goes for a run, only to return to some rather unsavoury characters in his apartment.

Delaney is there to protect Mark, and his plan to take things slow with Mark are thrown out the window. He is forced to share his secret with Mark as well as the fact they are mates, and hope that he doesn’t push the shy human over the edge of sanity.

I’ve never read a story about Coyote shifters and I quite liked the uniqueness it brought to this story. Shifter mates and insta-love are being stretched thin, but Delaney and Mark were just so smexy, that I was able to overlook the redundancy of the subject matter. Then there was a little twist at the end that I didn’t see coming, and I do like it when an author can surprise me.

This is a must read for fans of gay shifters and protective alpha male types, very sexy. I hope it’s the start to a series.

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through MM Good Book Reviews **

Wake Up From the Nightmare by Sage Marlowe

wakeupfromthenightmare_exlarge_PNG-210x336Title: Wake Up From the Nightmare


Series:Nightmares, 06


Author: Sage Marlowe


Genre: Paranormal/ BDSM,


Length: Novella (31K)


ISBN: 9780857156594


Publisher: Totally Bound (March 7th 2014)


Heat Level: Explicit


Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts


Reviewer:  Cat


Blurb: When the lines between nightmares and reality become blurred, it’s time to wake up and put an end to life’s horrors.


When Ben reveals yet more of his secrets, including a piquant part of his past and the last vital element in the plan to put an end to their enemy’s evil deeds, Colin is determined to see this plan through—whatever it takes. He surrenders to vampire Dom Ben’s special brand of training technique and finds some solace in the fact that a ménage à trois with a vampire is a very satisfying arrangement for an incubus demon.


Fuelled by his lovers’ highly potent emotions, Colin’s demon side is stronger than ever mentally, but his weakness lies in his heart. He struggles to accept the truths he can no longer deny and the time has come for him to reconsider what he knows about the people he thought he could trust—and those he thought he couldn’t.


As the last pieces of the puzzle fall into place and people reveal their true colours, Colin realises that some horrors linger even after he has woken from the nightmare.


This is book six in the Nightmares series. See the full series listing here


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Review: Reader Advisory: This is the last book in a series with an ongoing story arc. It is recommended to read the series in order of release. This book contains the use of unusual sex toys, and hot ménage scenes.


This is the last book in this series, but there is opening left for something else later. I will definitely be on-board for whatever is next. This whole series is very good but I think I will say this is my favourite in the series.


 I have to say I found this to be a perfect and very satisfactory ending.  Wow!! What a shocking twist in here and I have to say I never saw that coming! Actually, I was in for two surprises.

This series has a lot of sex and very explicit at that. As I have mentioned before though, in this book it didn’t bother me since the sex is crucial to the storyline, being Colin is an Incubus and feeds on sex. This book has even more sex than the others do do; pretty much jam packed beginning to end. I have to applaud Sage Marlowe on her skill at putting in so much sex, keeping it tasteful, and interesting. I actually leaned a few new things in this book!


There weren’t any new characters, except Raven and he was introduced in the last book. I found him intriguing and would have liked more. Hopefully, if there is a new series he will be in it. It is amazing how after six books the characters still evolved and grew. I absolutely loved this book, which is why Sage Marlowe is one of my favourite writers.


I highly recommend this if you like a good vampire/ demon series, BDSM, ménage, sex-toys, bondage, D/s, erotica, shocking twists and explosive series finales! I will miss you Colin!

Imprisoned by Desire by Calandra Hunter

81gUv1Y4vvL._SL1500_Title: Imprisoned by Desire

Series: Previously Published as a series: Taken, Tamed and Saved

Author: Calandra Hunter

Genre: Paranormal/Magic/Kingdoms/BDSM

Length: Novella (50 pages)

Publisher: Calandra Hunter (November 9th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:

Blurb: When Tristan is taken prisoner by the Dark King, he expects to be tortured for information about the rightful Prince Dareon and his rebellion.

But the Dark King doesn’t question Tristan. He wants to make him his new loyal pet. Soon, Tristan enjoys the pleasure of being spanked, humiliated and taken by another man. 
He tries to stay loyal to his friend and rightful heir, but the Dark King is seductive and knows exactly what exquisite delights Tristan’s body craves. 

While the Dark King is determined to make Tristan his, Prince Dareon is 
determined to free him. Tristan is torn between the two men. Can Prince Dareon satisfy his newly awakened desires, or will Tristan stay with the Dark King and serve him as his devoted pet? 

Tristan must summon all his courage to find his own happiness, and that of the man he loves. 

This 80,000 word erotic romance is intended for mature readers. It contains scenes of gay sensuality and gay bondage and domination.

Imprisoned by Desire was originally published in serialized form under the title Imprisoned by Desire 1: Taken, Imprisoned by Desire 2: Tamed and Imprisoned by Desire 3: Saved. It contains the complete text of the series, but has been corrected and revised. All characters are 18 or older.


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Reviewer:   GiGi

Review: The writing is smooth. There is plenty of action, suspense, and erotic BDSM scenes, but not a lot of layering here. 

This book combines a bad boy king who likes to capture beautiful men and make them into obedient pets with a stubborn and loyal submissive who longs for his Prince, but can’t resist the Dark King. Often times the king tires of his tamed submissives and casts them off, but the Dark King sees something of a true submissive in Tristan and vows to make him his own personal pet. It’s a bit of Stockholm syndrome. Through starvation, deprivation, uncomfortable living conditions, then reward, and discipline, the Dark King finally breaks Tristan, or rather awakens him to his desire for domination and sexual displays. Just when Tristan is resigned to his fate, and begins to feel his loyalty build for his captor, Prince Dareon sweeps in to save the day and rescue Tristan from the Dark King.


As they set off to escape the Dark King’s recapture, Tristan feels his loyalty is divided. He’s always felt love and loyalty toward Prince Dareon, but the conditioning, the sexual encounters he experienced with the Dark Prince leave him yearning. No to mention the magically locked cuffs and collar that the Prince and their cohorts need to find a way to remove.


The most intriguing part of the story for me was not the capture and taming of Tristan by the Dark King, but rather the way Tristan fought the King’s pull, and the way Prince Dareon got over his anger over what happened to Tristan, and what the Dark King took from them both. He turns a new leaf, grows a spine, and they both overcome the evils of the Dark King. Actually, I felt a bit sorry for the Dark King by the end of it all!

Blind Under the Moon by S.A. Welsh

4359blindunderthemoon510w-430x645Title: Blind Under the Moon

Series: Blood Moon Pack Alliance, Book 1

Author: SA Welsh

Genre: Paranormal/ Vampires/Werewolves

Length: Novel (146 Pages)

ISBN: 978-1-77111-887-3

Publisher: Extasy Books (March 1st, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb:Remy must learn to put his doubts aside and become the Alpha he needs to be to protect his pack and his new blind vampire mate.


Remy is a wolf shifter who loves getting under the hood of a beauty with lots of horses and hates his mother nagging him to start having pups. When he is summoned to his asshole alpha’s house, things go from bad to worse as he fails a test of loyalty by refusing to torture and kill a vampire. He’s forced to challenge for the position as Alpha. No one is more surprised than he is when he actually wins. But what does he know about running a pack?


Remy soon realizes the severely wounded male vampire is his mate. Skylar’s coven sent him to investigate rumors about a poison targeting vampires. Skylar is drop-dead gorgeous, with the brightest blue eyes Remy has ever seen. He’s also blind. Will forces outside their control and the new responsibilities facing Remy put a stop to their mating and their life together before it begins?


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Review: This is another amazing hit for me. I absolutely got caught in this story with the wonderful characters and story line. It caught my attention from the start and kept it all the way to the end.


I loved Remy and Skylar, the way they just mix together. It showed their strengths up front, the fact that they are all about family, loyalty, and trust. Not to mention the love you can feel coming from them. I love the fact that Remy gives up a lot and actually gains more. He was told by his alpha to come over to the house and one never refuses an alpha. Even if the alpha was cruel and hated by those that were weaker than he was. What he saw when he got there was a vampire being hurt. He was given a choice hurt the little man or lose his entire family. Of course, he refuses and shifts. What he had not known was he too was an alpha. So standing up to the alpha, he ends up fighting and winning. He now has a pack one that he did not have a clue what to do with. He also ended up with a vampire for a mate.


Skylar was not just a vampire, but also a blind one at that. He was also the only vampire in several centuries to find his Mon âme soeur sang, a true-life mate. Skylar is a lot smarter than one would give him credit for, he could also calm his mate down faster than anyone could. So when it is time to find betas and enforcers, Skylar helps him when the time is needed.


I loved this story and definitely can’t wait for the next story to come out. I have found another series that is on my favorite list. I have also found another author whose books I will be looking at. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves werewolves, shapeshifters, vampires, the paranormal world, hot men, lots of danger and action. Not to mention the very hot sex you get from these two very sexy men.

Buying a Mate by Marcy Jacks

19448666Title: Buying a Mate

Series: Pregnant Mates, #3

Author: Marcy Jacks

Genre: Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves

Length: Novel (125 Pages)

ISBN: 978-1-62649-281-0

Publisher: Siren Publishing (February 8th, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb:When Adam Mackenizie’s family cannot pay off their debts, he sells himself into temporary slavery. It’s only ten years of his life, and he can do that to keep his mother and sisters from becoming blood whores.

He never expects to be put up for auction in a sex market by his new master. He also doesn’t expect his buyer to be a sweetheart from his past, who bailed on him when it mattered the most. Adam doesn’t know whether to be relieved and kiss him, or punch the man’s beautiful face.

Alpha wolf Mason Cayne never thought he would see Adam, gorgeous, sweet, and innocent Adam, in a whorehouse. His first instinct is to buy him and finish what they started seven years ago. Thanks to Adam’s stepfather, the vampires want to collect Adam personally. Now Mason must decide if the puppy love he once shared with Adam is worth risking the lives of everyone in his pack.

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Review: This is book three in a series that should be read in order. Marcy has a wonderful gift of storytelling. She gives you great characters and a wonderful storylines. I absolutely love Adam and Mason. They come off as someone you would know. They seem so real that you want to just love them and smack them both.


Mason and Adam had been together while they were in college. They seemed to be happy, till Mason quit answering the phone when Adam had called. Breaking up with Adam was the hardest thing to do, but he had to do what his father and alpha suggested. He had married a female who had once been his friend. It was a perfect arrangement because she had known he was gay and he knew she was in love with Stacy. It had all ended when a war started and she had been killed right along with several of his pack members. What he had not known was that by ending his relationship with Adam, he had lost someone important.


Adam had always loved Mason, and he was heartbroken when Mason had ended their relationship. He had tried to contact him the whole time even after he had realized that Mason was a werewolf. He had gotten pregnant and when he lost that child, he gave up on Mason. Until the night, he was to be sold at auction to pay off the vampires his stepfather owed money to. What he had not expected was Mason to be there and to have bought him.


It took some time for them to get everything straightened out, well until Adam realized that Mason had mated him, and the fact that he still hadn’t told Mason about his pregnancy. To say it went over well is an overstatement, so much so that Adam had left. To get him back might start a war. He realized he loved his man and the fact that Adam was pregnant again.


This story is amazing and so very much loved. I would recommend this story to anyone who loved werewolves, the paranormal world, sexy men and a bit of danger to please you. I loved this story and can’t wait to read the next story.


An Owl Surfaces by Stephani Hecht

4342anowlsurfaces510w-430x645Title: An Owl Surfaces

Series: The Flushing Owl Shifter, Book 1

Author: Stephani Hecht

Genre: Paranormal/Shapeshifter

Length: Novella (83 Pages)

ISBN: 978-1-77111-885-9

Publisher: Extasy Books (March 1st, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb: Sometimes, the one love you seek is closer than you ever imagined.

As an Elf Owl shifter, Kayden is the smallest one in his Parliament. But that hasn’t stopped him from being an important member. An IT Tech, he can hack his way into any computer system. Plus, he’s in charge of his own group’s security. Now, if he can only get their leader, Austin, to notice him for something more than his technical skills.

Austin takes his job as the leader of his small Parliament of Owls seriously, which leaves little time for himself. However, he can’t help but notice the cute, small tech, Kayden. But Austin knows he has no time for romance. Not if he wants to keep his group safe.

Will Austin and Kayden find a way to get together? Or are they forever doomed to be alone?

Purchase Link:

Review: This is a start to a new series and I have to tell you it was amazing.


I love shifters of all kinds, but for some reason birds are really cool. Most are big hawks and falcons, so to learn that Kayden is such a small owl makes it even better. He gets himself kidnapped, but the whole time he knew that his Parliament would come to save him. He knew Austin, their leader, would bring the others to help him get out of there. He and his cellmate needed help. He has always wanted Austin, but he didn’t think that a big grey owl would ever want him. Boy is he wrong.


Austin had went crazy when Kayden got taken because he felt the way Kayden felt, but he also thought that he could never let it be known. He could not play favorites with anyone, that is until one of the other owl’s tells him that maybe just maybe Kayden is his mate. That changes all the rules. Once they get past all their barriers, they realize that they are meant to be together.


I absolutely have another favorite series. This one has it all two hot sexy men, shapeshifters, lust mixed in with love, danger, and excitement. I would definitely recommend reading this story because it will hit you where you need it most. I think that Stephani has an amazing gift for telling a story. It makes for a great read and I cannot wait for book two.