Another Regular Bud by Ryan Field

Title:  Another Regular Bud

Author:  Ryan Field

Genre:   Erotic, Contemporary

Length:  Short Story

Publisher:  Love You Divine

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½ Hearts

Reviewer:  Pixie


Blurb:  When handsome young Rick stops at a local service station to get his car checked out late one afternoon after football practice, he’s in for an interesting surprise. And that’s because the owner of the service station, Bob, is in one of his more playful moods. Though Rick has always suspected Bob’s been interested in him, he’s avoided any direct contact because Bob is divorced, has teenage daughters, and is closeted. Rick is looking for love and stability with a gentleman, not a quick fling with a greasy brute. And he avoids men like Bob as much as he can. But this doesn’t stop strong, forceful Bob from closing the service station and becoming extremely aggressive with Rick. And when he asks  Rick about the high heels Rick tried to hide unsuccessfully in his backseat, he’s not asking because he wants to know how  much they cost and where he can get pair just like them. Bob has plans for those kinky, smutty high heels that will change Rick’s life in ways he never expected that afternoon.

Review:  This is a hot, sweaty, steamy short that makes your blood pressure rise, because admit it… everyone loves a bit of rough.  Rick gets a lot more than he bargained for when Bob checks out his engine and he also discovers new things about himself. Bob’s had his eye on Rick’s sweet ass for a long time and now makes his move.  I’ve read several of Ryan Fields books and they are always good but I must admit that his Short story’s  always hit the spot and makes me all warm… err I mean makes my heart all warm.

So if you want to read something that gets your motor revving this is it, it’s hot, a bit kinky and kinda sweet.