Candy G. by C. Zampa

Title:  Candy G.

Author:  C. Zampa

Genre:  Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense

Length:  Novel

Publisher:  Dreamspinner

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥31/2Hearts

Reviewer:  Astrid

Blurb:  What kind of man drives a bulletproof Mercedes and carries a high-powered pistol in the glove compartment along with his boyhood teddy bear? Candy G does, that’s who. Once the exclusive attorney for the most powerful drug lord in San Antonio, he turned his back on Teirso Flores and walked away. But at what price?

Moving on with his life despite the threat of Teirso’s revenge, Candy meets gorgeous, streetwise Carlos Alvarez, and thus begins a passionate love affair rife with danger, secrets, and specters from the past that just won’t let go. When truths are revealed, will the one thing that brought their worlds together be the test that strengthens their love or the knife that severs their bond forever?

Review:  I didn’t expect to like this book – but I did. Let me start by saying that it started at a huge disadvantage – I didn’t read the blurb… and I never volunteer to read a story wrote in first person. But it didn’t take too long and I was hooked right through to the end.

Introducing himself, you meet Candy, the former attorney of a drug trafficker, who’s drawn to little Carlos – a seemingly downtrodden but sweet guy.  Candy is pretty open with us about his tough and powerful exterior and the hidden romantic inside.  Now from where we come into the story it might seem like the two fall into love super quick… but you’re forced to acknowledge that they’ve been circling the attraction for nearly a year – so it works. You are a bit overwhelmed with love, love, love. It’s too perfect, but not to worry – along comes trouble.  Ahh, angst (my favorite), in the form of lies, intrigue and danger, come along to save us from the boredom that belies perfection.

It is a good story, told with a refreshing voice and was rounded out with sweet lovin’.









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