Fire and Light by Berengaria Brown

Title: Fire and Light

Author:  Berengaria Brown

Genre:  Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Family & Relationships.

Length: Novelette

Publisher: Silver Publishing

Heat: Explicit

Heart:   ♥♥♥♥ 4Hearts

Reviewer:  Pixie

Blurb:  Hugh’s six year old son, Orion, has just recently come to live with him. He has taken vacation time over the summer break to be with the boy and teach him to swim before he goes to summer camp. Orion and Hugh meet Quigley, and a deep friendship develops. For two weeks, they spend time together at the swimming pool and the park, getting to know each other.

Quigley invites Hugh and Orion out to dinner, and afterward he stays over, and he and Hugh have an extremely erotic night together. The next day, Quigley has to go back to work, as his vacation is over. During the next week, they miss each other a lot, and Orion learns to dive to have something to show Quigley. From then on, Quigley spends many evenings at their apartment, and the relationship grows until the men want to live together.

But this is a huge problem, if they move house, Orion will need to change schools–again. And where will they find a suitable place for such a non-traditional family anyway? Is their romance doomed?

Review:  This is one of my favorite types of stories, a single parent finding love but having to work in the concerns of his son as well. I liked this one as there were no tough choices to make and nobody breathing down their necks.   It was just a nice light read with a really cute, quite mature little boy.

Hugh and Quigley hit it off and Quigley and Orion hit it off, the adults spend the time at the swimming pool learning more about each other while keeping a careful eye on Orion but the time that Hugh and Quigley spend alone is detailed and very hot.

One of the best bits about this book was when the author wrote a bit about Orion when he was away at camp; it was so cute and made me glad, as some authors seem to forget about the kids.

I think that the only downside to this book is the blurb details everything and the book didn’t expand much on it. So all in all I really liked this book and as Orion would say it was “Awesome with Awesome sauce”.