Magic Fingers by Etienne

Title: Magic Fingers

Series: An Avondale Story 05

Author: Etienne

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (240pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (8th August 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥3 1/2

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb:  David Majors should be looking forward to a long and prosperous life: after tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, he’s attending college courtesy of Uncle Sam and riding the fast track to success. He’s tall, fit, and good-looking, so shouldn’t the world be his oyster? But underneath his clothes—and beneath the surface—David is a mess of scar tissue and insecurity.

Then he meets Kevin Boxer, another former Army Ranger. Their first night together, Kevin stares David’s scars in the face and doesn’t flinch, instead showering David with the passion and attention he craves but never imagined possible. Slowly but surely, Kevin helps David rebuild his confidence and the two of them begin to build their life together. But their journey is far from over, and it turns out Kevin may need David to help him heal some scars of his own.

Review:  David Majors was devastatingly injured during his last tour of duty and after being rejected by dates because of his injuries, he is fast losing hope of finding someone who can accept him scars and all, Kevin Boxer is also looking for someone to share his life and won’t let David’s injuries get in his way. These two men will support each other through the coming years no matter what is thrown at them and come out the other side even stronger.

I thought this story was really good and I was shocked at the extent of David’s injuries but thought he was an extremely strong character as he was able to continue on with his life even after the rejections he suffered at the hands of his callous dates. Kevin’s support was incredible and showed that not all men are b******s.  The way that he was so matter of fact over the injuries and worked around them and also encouraging David to act like there was nothing wrong and being matter of fact about it with other people was inspiring.

The only problem that I had with this book was that it didn’t affect me enough emotionally, this book should have had me reaching for the tissues but it didn’t, the characters were a bit too bland and straightforward, when David was explaining to his father the truth about his injuries I couldn’t feel any emotion coming off him, there was no passion behind his words, he could have been telling his dad what he had for supper for all the effect it had on me and I think it was a great shame because if anything should have had me sobbing my heart out that would have been it.

So fantastic story but slightly shallow characters, but, I would recommend this for the story alone.




One thought on “Magic Fingers by Etienne

  1. It’s not a romance, therefor there is no implicit emotion. It is mainstream gay fiction told in a straightforward manner.

    On the other hand, you just have a heart of stone if the scene where David reveals his injuries to his father doesn’t move you to tears.

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