Making Up by Kellie Kamryn

Make Up

by *Kellie Kamryn

Hanging my head in shame and despair
At times, life seems so bloody unfair,
Then I feel your arms come around me
And I relax back into your solid body

Your warmth and strength bring me relief
Dispelling my earlier anger and grief
Tipping my face up to yours, and then I see
Your eyes provide a promise and an apology

Nipples pucker and I firmly grip your arms
As you seduce me using all of your charms
“Hush”, you say, as your lips descend toward mine
Our tongues tangle in a dance as old as time

The hard swell of your thick cock against my back
For making me so hot, you have such a knack
My longing for you wells up like a wave inside
I moan loudly, my yearning for you I cannot hide

Our dumb fight made me feel like such a prick
You oblige, slipping your hand down to my dick
One of your hands caresses me over my chest
Hard, I shift in my seat, needy for the rest

All is now forgotten with your first caress
One word I groan over and over – “Yes, yes…”
Pumping my steel shaft up into your hand
“Get up”, you chuckle, and then tell me to stand

You hold me so tightly, I cannot escape
Your hot lips brand my skin; your teeth bite my nape
Fingers thread through my hair, pulling, then hard clasp
My nails scrape the skin of your thighs and I gasp

Your firm grip stroking my cock so ruthlessly
You easily bring me to mindless ecstasy
Hot breath in my ear, my world is turned inside out
Balls tighten; I come with one glorious shout

Your fingertips brushing over my member
Soft kisses, tongue flicks out, your love so tender
“Come to bed now, baby”, to me you whisper
You support me, I follow you with a whimper

Down onto the bed we tumble together
My only wish is to stay in your arms forever
Wrapping our limbs around each other so tight
One stellar moment of bliss, makes the world right

*Kellie Kamryn is a contemporary & erotica romance author. A gymnastics instructor for the past 24 years, she has taught everything from preschool to elite gymnasts as well as classes for physical education students at the University of Manitoba’s Kinesiology and Recreation Department where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education years prior. She has also been a guest lecturer at the University of Winnipeg, and facilitates seminars for physical education teachers.

As a former elite gymnast, it was only natural for her to base a series of romances around the sport that has given her so much for a huge part of her life. After publishing a family-oriented collection of poetry, her sensual novel and short story writing allows her to spread her vivid imagination to everyone out there who is willing to listen. She writes seductive tales where characters come to life and touch your heart and soul, making your fingers tingle with anticipation. Of course it goes without saying you might find a special surprise when each word you read pleases your every desire.  She just signed a contract with Secret Cravings publishing for 2 of her books: The erotica short “Monkeys, Sex, and other Birthday Surprises” coming November 2011 & “Rebound” Book 1 in the Love and Balance series, January 2012. Look for her next erotica short coming out with The Wild Rose Press “Pleasure Island”

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