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Purgatory by Skye Dragen & Zane Michaels

A Post-Apocalyptic free blog story.

In the spring of 2015, the night sky illuminated, foreshadowing the coming destruction of life as we know it. Widespread panic ensued as fire rained down from the heavens, annihilating entire cities in a matter of minutes.

Global genocide was only the beginning of the devastation.Skye Dragen & Zayne Michaels Purgatory

The meteors that fell to earth brought with them an unknown bacteria that spread unchecked, infecting all survivors within a matter of days. Those afflicted began to exhibit unexplained changes in personality, further deteriorating the already crumbling social structure.

Some survivors showed signs of increased aggression, expressing a propensity toward dominance and experiencing temporary physical mutations, most often brought on by heightened emotional responses. In contrast, those immune to the physical effects of the outbreak began displaying passive characteristics, gradually losing all desire for independence and assertiveness in exchange for more submissive tendencies.

In the initial aftermath, unfamiliar urges and lack of impulse control among the infected led to the decline of basic human civility, throwing the world into total anarchy. In an attempt to prevent further chaos and correct the widespread lawlessness, a new hierarchy was established, placing the most powerful and influential at the head of the governing body. Formerly Fort Hood, the once grand military base was converted, establishing a new, protected community for survivors.

But safety comes at a cost. We had survived hell, only to fall into the constant state of limbo that saturates the remains of our new home. This is the city that never changes, never dies but never moves forward.

Welcome to Purgatory.

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