Two Hearts Two Spirits by Michael Halfhill

Title: Two Hearts, Two Spirits

Author: Michael Halfhill

Genre: Native American, American Indian, Historical (1910), Shape Shifter.

Length: Novel

Heat Level: Cool – mild sexual content

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4.5Hearts

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 10, 2010)

Reviewer:  Pixie

Blurb:  Helki and Igashu, friends and constant companions since childhood, will soon perform the tribal ritual of the Bow and the Basket. Choosing the basket means living a domestic life, to be a Two-Spirit, a lover of men. To choose the bow means becoming a provider, the head of the family, and a warrior, if war should come. Both are worthy choices, but for Igashu, his father’s sole surviving son, the obligation to lead his family after his father’s death presses heavily on his heart. Yet if Helki and Igashu choose different paths, their love may not survive.

Review:  I really wasn’t expecting much based on the blurb, but boy was I wrong. This story takes you on a journey of discovery. Helki knows what he wants and who he loves but as both boys head into manhood, he knows that  Igashu must choose his own path; whether he is included on that path or not. Igashu feels pulled apart as he prepares for his vision quest, he knows how he feels about Helki but he is the last son and feels that he should do his duty to his family.

The description of the area where they lived made me wish I was there and be a part of their journey.  As we follow their paths – Igashu hunting the yellow cat, his first contact with white men and the capture of a wild mare and foal, and Helki as he learns to become A Wise One who can learn the secrets of the flame and the ability to Shape Shift into his spirit guide – We learn about their culture, their history and their hopes.

This is a true romance set in another culture that is so poignant without even a single kiss or sex scene. I loved this story so much that I am going to buy Michael Halfhill’s other 3 books.

Yeah, how’s that for a blessing.!!