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Hi guys, we have Wade Kelly popping in today with her newest release Back Off! That’s My Jock, Wade has a fantastic character interview with Doug & Sam and Wade is holding a awesome giveaway! So check out the post and leave a comment (with a way to be contacted) to enter the giveaway! <3 ~Pixie~ 

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Back Off! That’s My Jock

(JOCK 03)

Wade Kelly

Defining his sexuality didn’t make sense until his best friend spelled it out.

Doug Archer did some pretty idiotic things in the first eight weeks of his junior year of college. First, he kissed his gay best friend, and second, he kissed a guy he’d mistaken for a girl. Not stellar moments for Doug. If he isn’t careful, he’ll lose his spot on the soccer team to the new freshman, or worse, he might misconstrue his new friend Rob’s overly affectionate tendencies for flirting. But if Doug isn’t bothered by another guy’s attention, and he normally dates girls, does that mean he’s gay or bisexual?

Sam Garber suppressed his same-sex attraction his entire life. His father told him it was immoral, and Sam did everything he could to bury his feelings. However, after meeting Doug at a party and kissing him, Sam can’t think of anything else. He decides dating girls is the best way to keep his secret hidden. With playoffs in sight, this is no time to think about guys in any other context than soccer. Only, neither boy anticipates the difficulty in suppressing his attraction for another jock!

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Interview with Doug Archer and Sam Garber!

Hello, Wade Kelly here. My new novel, Back Off! That’s My Jock came out last Friday. This is the LAST installment in blog tour of character interviews for this new book. I hope you have enjoyed them so far. You can buy book 3 from Dreamspinner Press HERE, or from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or All Romance eBooks.

Wade: If you’ve been following my blog tour for JOCK 3, as I call it for short, then you know I’ve been doing a series of interviews with my characters from the JOCK Series. Today on MM Good Book Reviews, Doug and Sam are going to end the tour with me. It seemed only fitting. Thanks for joining me guys.

Doug and Sam: Thanks for having us.

Wade: Feel free to ask questions is whatever order you like. Since this interview style of blog posts has been going on for a while, I’m not sure there is much let to say. I think I’ve told you, my characters, readers and fans, all there is to know about me.

Sam: I’ve heard you’ve had a busy summer, but also that you’ve had some health issues. Has this interrupted your writing?

Wade: Gee Sam, way to find something to talk about. As a matter of fact, yes. This year has been disrupted. My health and that of my mom has taken some time away from writing. My mental state has been a little off for about a year. In the last month, things have seemed to level out and I’m hoping to jump back into the writing schedule I had last year. My health is not nearly that bad, though. I have hyperthyroidism. No big deal. My Endocrinologist is wonderful and I’m sure he’ll get my body under control in the next 12 months. I take Lexapro now also and I actually sleep. I hadn’t slept well for 11 months. This last month has been wonderful. My mom is also not doing great, so I’ve been taking care of getting her to the doctor. There is always something going on around here. On a good note, my two daughters had a marvelous summer! I really concentrated on taking care of them and making sure they had fun. My priorities were focused my children, not writing. I WILL shift priorities once I have more free time and write again. JOCK 4 is partially done. I want to thank my readers for their patience. I will write more books!

Doug: I know Cullen’s mom is always busy like that. She never rests. She takes Cullen’s siblings everywhere to sleepovers and stuff. She got the Flu once and everything in their house came to a halt. Cullen said his dad didn’t know where to begin helping, so they had carryout most nights and his sister got pissy because she couldn’t go spent the night at her friend’s house. Moms make everything happen. I’m glad you are taking care of you, but I do hope JOCK 4will get written soon. I need to know what happens to Rob and if I’m in the book at all.

Wade: Of course you are in JOCK 4! lol

Doug: Oh good. Do you think writing is your gift or a curse?

Wade: Both. I do think it’s a gift because it wasn’t something I studied to do. It sort of just happened. I kept writing alternate endings to movies in my head and then an original story finally formed and worked its way out. Writing an entire story from page one to the final word felt incredible. I didn’t think I could do it again and then Boom! I did. I kept thinking that. I wrote JOCK 1, My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! and I didn’t think I could write another complete story. Yet, Names Can Never Hurt Me came out of nowhere and I thought, “Wow! I did it again. I wrote an entire story.” Then I Took and English class in fall 2013 and came up with a story called Misplaced Affection. It took me a year to write, but again it was a complete story. Is still can’t believe it when I finish a story because I feel they come out of nowhere. I do think it is a gift. However, I can see it as a curse as well. Now, after years of writing, I don’t feel right if I’m not writing. I feel agitated and incomplete. I feel the words in my bones. I think it’s a curse so to say because I HAVE to write in order to feel sane. I hear character sin my head. I have to write them! This last year hasn’t been easy because I keep telling the voices to shush. It isn’t so easy to do that.

Sam: Out of all the protagonists you’ve written so far, which one do you relate to the most?

Wade: Cole Reid. It may be difficult to believe, but I am a cynical person. I am a glass-half-full person. Cole was me writing my dour into a character who didn’t really believe in love until it showed up in his dorm apartment. I think I’m like that. I’ve been burned many times. Many. I think I started to see more crappiness than happiness in people. I didn’t believe friends would remain once they knew me because hey, others had seen my insides and left. This was sort of like not believing in love except my disbelief was in the friendship love. Then I met people online like Lynn S., Kayla C., and Taryn P., Jason M., Jeff A., (And MANY more) They believed in me. They loved me. And they didn’t go away. Since then I’ve made other friendships in my “real life world” and those haven’t gone away like my other so-called “friendships.” Maybe I do believe in love now. Friendship love. I’m still sarcastic and cynical, but the deep-seated bitterness has been tempered. Much like Cole.

Doug: Ha ha. I love Cole. I think he has a realistic approach to life, even if it is dark at times.

Wade: Well, maybe I’m like that too. I guess people who meet me will have to let me know. Do you see Cole in me?

Doug: *chuckles* No. You’re too smiley. But if making friends online meant that much to you, what do your fans mean to you?

Wade: They’re like lifeblood. Writing is my passion and I have to write, but finding fans of my writing makes it so much more invigorating. Fans make my books come alive in the world. Without them, without readers, then the stories are only alive in my head.

Doug: Cool.

Sam: Is that why you go to conventions? To meet your fans?

Wade: Totally! I get a rush out of it. That’s why I don’t want people to be afraid to approach me. Come up for a hug or a chat or an autograph. I love that! I totally remember the very first time I was handed one of my books to sign for a fan. I was in Atlanta for GRL, registered as a reader because, you know, who knows who I am? And then Mel L. hands me a copy of When Love Is Not Enough as asks me to sign it. I cried! And then Raevyn told me (at that time) she’s read WLINE 7 times. I was blown away! Three years of conventions and book-signings later and I am still blown away that people read my books! It’s humbling. Writers without readers/fans are only talking to themselves. We need our fans. One misconception I learned and would tell novice writers is that conventions are for your fans, NOT to sell books. You may sell them, but it isn’t the goal. I sell lots of books at The Rainbow Book Fair in New York, but I go there to meet people. I love meeting people!

BTW, I also love meeting authors! I can fangirl like the best of them 😀

Doug: Is there anything else you’d like to say about this new book?

Wade: Give it a chance. Don’t get frustrated part way in and give up thinking I’ve introduced bi-erasure, or you don’t agree with how I wrote Doug’s character. Go at least half way. I think I will answer your questions by the end. If not, I’m sorry. This is my favorite book of my books. (I think.)

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If any readers out there haven’t read JOCK 1, My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! I recommend you read that one first. And don’t forget I wrote a free short titled: Oh, Crap! This Jock’s Getting Married. Visit All Romance eBooks for a copy or email me. writerwadekelly After those, then read book 2, No! Jocks Don’t Date Guys. You’ll be all caught up for book 3.

And if you are going to GRL and you want a copy of Misplaced Affection, then Check out my google doc here, pay through paypal, and I’ll bring it to you in Kansas City.

Thank you for visiting all my stops on the blog tour. Thank you MM Good Book Reviews for hosting me today! I hope everyone enjoyed getting to know me via my characters. Remember to comment to win.

As for the giveaways…  I, Wade Kelly, will be giving away one GRAND PRIZE (items listed below) and three runner up prizes of a $10 gift card for Amazon. What you need to do is leave a comment. ALL comments are logged for a chance at the prizes. ONLY those who leave a comment on ALL eleven blog stops will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing. Last time I think there were 15 people in the Grand Prize drawing.

Note: If we’ve never chatted and you aren’t on Facebook, it is a good idea to leave an e-mail address because I need to know how to reach you. If I can’t, and I reply to your comment on the blog post that you’ve won but don’t hear from you, I have to give the prize to the next person on my list. Each comment gets you a chance in the drawing. If you leave one on each, that is eleven entries PLUS you are listed in the Grand Prize drawing. For a reminder if the rules, and where I’m stopping next, visit my blog post HERE.

Grand Prize includes all of the following:

  • One of my famous spoons in the colors of your choice
  • A $10 gift card from Amazon
  • One paperback signed from my back list (Not counting JOCK 3)
  • An e-book copy of JOCK 4, when it comes out. (I’m still writing it!)
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If you have any questions, please let me know. Comment here or email me: I will pick winners on Monday, September 5th at 10:00am EST.

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About Wade

Wade Kelly author pic sWade Kelly lives and writes in conservative, small-town America on the east coast where it’s not easy to live free and open in one’s beliefs. Wade writes passionately about controversial issues and strives to make a difference by making people think. Wade does not have a background in writing or philosophy, but still draws from personal experience to ponder contentious subjects on paper. There is a lot of pain in the world and people need hope. When not writing, she is thinking about writing, and more than likely scribbling ideas on sticky notes in the car while playing “taxi driver” for her three children. She likes snakes, can’t spell, and has a tendency to make people cry.

Website | Facebook | FB Fan Page: The Wade Brigade  | Blog | Twitter | Instagram  | Goodreads

Wade Kelly - Back Off Thats My Jock Cover L


Grand Prize includes all of the following: 

One of my famous spoons in the colors of your choice!
A $10 gift card from Amazon!
One paperback signed from my back list (Not counting JOCK 3)!
An e-book copy of JOCK 4, when it comes out. (I’m still writing it!)!
And last, but not least, a soccer jersey for the player of your choice from the players in JOCK 3. (I’ll list them on my website along with pictures of the jerseys. They come in adult S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, & 4XL)!

Three runner up prizes of a $10 gift card for Amazon!

(Just leave a comment on this post with a way for Wade to contact you.)
ALL comments are logged for a chance at the prizes.
ONLY those who leave a comment on ALL eleven blog stops will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing.
(Ends 5th September 2016)
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