Between Two Promises by Shelter Somerset

Title: Between Two Promises

Sequel to: Between Two Worlds

Author: Shelter Somerset

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (230pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (3rd October 2011)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Daniel Schrock and Aiden Cermak have forged a life in the rural Montana foothills, but a shadow still lingers, made stronger when a letter arrives from Daniel’s brother Mark inviting him to his Christmas wedding. Daniel fears returning home might force what he wants to avoid: telling his family about Aiden and facing the dreaded Amish shunning.

Despite the uncertainties, Daniel and Aiden head to Illinois, where frustration will not only endanger Daniel’s relationship with his family and the church community, but his bond with his boyfriend, who leaves Daniel with a choice: him or the Amish. Before Daniel can stop Aiden, he’s gone… and threats from the past resurface, crystallizing Daniel’s fears about a murderer still at large.

As he desperately searches for Aiden and the identity of the suspected killer, Daniel will have to decide if love is important enough to risk losing everything he knows. Will Daniel choose to keep his commitment to the Amish church or will he stand by the promise he made to Aiden that first night they made love?

Review: Aiden is sure he is right to convince Daniel to return to Henry for his brother’s wedding.   But it’s not long before he is regretting his decision and doubting his relationship with Daniel.  Daniel knows it’s a mistake to return to Henry and let’s Aiden know it. Can these two men sort out their problems before it’s too late?

I found that there was a lot of despair and angst and misunderstanding in this book and at one point I actually thought ‘why are these two men even bothering?’ because they just didn’t seem to get each other. I found that I learnt a lot about the Amish and their way of life is intriguing but their church very strict. I found it really hard to believe that these two men got together in the first place as in this Daniel came across as repressed and uptight always wanting his own way, while Aiden just seemed easy going but downtrodden always seeming to give into what Daniel wants.

Daniel is struggling with himself about his church, his family, his fears… well the only thing he doesn’t seem to worry about is his relationship with Aiden and that’s because for most of the book it’s as though he doesn’t give a damn about Aiden.   unless Aiden does something he doesn’t like. I found it really hard to like Daniel, I mean, yes, I could understand his troubles, but not once does he actually think about how it might be affecting Aiden.   Whereas with Aiden, most of what he does is for Daniel and he thinks a lot about how what he does or says affect Daniel. I really do feel sorry for Aiden as all he wants is some sort of acknowledgement or support off Daniel but he gets neither until he is in danger.

I thought this was well written and the struggles that they faced were portrayed very well; I thought that Aiden was a fantastic character and his love for Daniel came across loud and clear.   Daniel, on the other hand, was too confused by his struggles for me to get a true handle on his character…he was very confusing and contradictory. The world building was good and I liked the descriptions of the surrounding community and their support of each other.

I would recommend this to those who like a strong storyline, a few twists and turns, soul-searching and a slight mystery.

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