Bound by Love by S. E. Jakes

Title: Bound by Law

Series: Men of Honor 02

Author: S.E. Jakes

Genre: Contemporary, Gay, Romantic Suspense, Ménage, M/M/M

Length: Novel

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥ 4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb:   After the one man he trusted disappeared, it took Law Connor ten years to take a chance on another relationship. Trouble is, right about the time he’s finally ready to let go of the past, the past stages a hostile takeover.

Back when they were teens, Styx was the boy with no memory. He and Law had each other’s backs until he was forced to leave to keep Law safe. Now a CIA agent, he’s finally discovered who he is, and why he’s a hunted man.

Detective Paulo McMannus has almost succeeded in helping Law forget his lost love when Styx comes plowing back into their lives. No way is Paulo giving up his lover without a fight.

Suddenly Law finds himself on the run with Styx, the man who can still bring him to his knees…and with Paulo, the man who brought him back to life. The worst part? He can’t choose between them. And it’s getting harder to remember why he should.

Product Warnings:  Contains rough language, rougher sex and warriors who fall hard for one another.

Review:  Law Conner is now in a fix, he has just decided to let someone new into his heart, when the man that he has loved for more than sixteen years waltzes back into his life. And not only does he waltz back into his life but he brings trouble with it that endangers not only Law’s life but also the man he is falling for as well. Paulo McMannus is finally where he wants to be – in Laws bed, in his dreams and creeping into his heart, when the ex-lover returns in a hail of bullets. Styx has come back to protect Law, he left him in the first place to protect him but that didn’t go as planned because now his enemy is after Law.

The storyline is pretty cool in this book as Styx can’t remember the first 16yrs of his life but then around the age of 20 he gets a reminder of the past that sets him running from Law. When he returns to save Law he has to save Paulo as well, we then have trips to safe houses, assassins hunting them and these three strong men trying to figure out if a relationship between them could work.

I think this quite a good ménage as the men fit together nicely. They work out the dynamics of a relationship that works for them and it’s not an uneven balance. They even start to stray into D/s but nothing too heavy.

So my recommendation to you is if you love your men strong, hot and dangerous; your plot filled with danger and suspense; and your sex rough, scorching and slightly kinky then this is the book for you.




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