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Hi guys, we have V.L. Locey stopping by today with her new release Coach’s Challenge, we have a great excerpt and a fantastic $10 Amazon GC giveaway, so check out the post and enter the giveaway! <3 ~Pixie~

Coach’s Challenge

(Cayuga Cougars 03)

V.L. Locey

Victor Kalinski and his husband, Dan Arou, are living the dream. Married for over a year now, the couple have settled into life in Cayuga surrounded by friends, family, and a team that’s poised to make another championship run. Each man is enjoying professional success as well as personal bliss. Who knew life in the suburbs with a spouse and a child could be so darn satisfying? Not Vic. K, that’s for sure.

The happy times are about to turn rough, though. The Cougars have picked up a new player, Sander March, a brash young center whose sass, skill, and attitude can rival Victor’s. When it’s revealed that this new player and Dan have history, tensions begin to rise between the newlyweds. As Victor and Dan work on those issues, the one person Victor never thought he would meet arrives in the small New York hamlet and proceeds to flip everything in Vic’s life upside down.

Can Victor and Dan’s marriage withstand what life is about to drop on it, or will the challenges be too much for them to handle?


Love, marriage, and family.

For years I thought it would be just like Married with Children. You know, some big-haired and bigger-mouthed broad cutting you down while you sat on the couch, hand tucked into your pants, praying someone would end your fucking misery. It’s not always like that. Sometimes, like now, marriage is fucking great…

“Dan, fuck’s sake, man, deeper and faster,” I snapped, my fingers gripping the edges of the mattress as my man slipped it to me, inch by glorious fucking inch. The hot little shit was taking his time, drawing it out, making me whimper and plead for it.

“No, I ain’t rushing. I don’t get this too often, and we’re going slow.”

“Getting this” meant him on top. And yeah, he didn’t get it often, so I understood that when he did he was all about the drawing the good times out. His hands roamed up my back, expertly kneading the knotted muscles at the base of my neck.

“Relax; enjoy it.”

He rolled his hips, pressing deeper, pulling a groan of pure bliss out of me. I tugged on the corners of the mattress, biceps flexing, and lifted my ass higher. That always spurred him on. See, another good marriage thing is that you know what works to ramp up your man.

“Shit,” I heard Dan grunt. He spread his legs a bit more, leaned back, and slammed into me. I yelped, cussed, then began speaking in tongues.

“You okay?” His fingers were biting into my hips now, as he was too short to hold my shoulders and fuck me like he was.

I wiggled back onto him.

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes, okay…yes! It’s a fucking yes!”

I dropped to one shoulder to free up a hand for my dick. Didn’t take long to find it, swinging back and forth, slapping my belly with each demanding thrust from my husband. Oh yeah, this aspect of marriage was the butter on my fucking cob, let me tell you.

“You know it’s a yes. Shit…just…oh man…incredible.”

And it was. No lie. We were still hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock even though we’d been Mr. and Mr. for close to sixteen months now. Maybe it took years for that sexual attraction to wane. Maybe for some, it never did. I liked to think that me and Dan would be humping each other like horny billy goats when we were in our eighties.

“That fast enough?” he asked, the slap of damp skin to damp skin bouncing off the walls of our bedroom. The pace was so brisk it was hard for me to speak. So I made some Neanderthal sort of noise as my toes curled into the wadded-up sheets.

Then, for some inexplicable reason, he slowed a bit.

“No, do not stop!” I barked over my shoulder while I pumped my dick furiously, sweat slipping into my eyes. Maybe he thought he was hurting me. Dan’s nice that way. “I’m good and I’m close.”

“Okay, babe, okay.”

He thrust hard and deep. My brain cramped at the same time my balls contracted. Spunk coated my fingers. Dan ground into me, rotating his hips so widely that blacking out from ecstasy was a concern. I held on to reality, and my dick, but my knees did slide out to the sides. Dan rode down with me, his orgasm a full minute behind mine. The sensation of his cock kicking and filling my ass elicited another round of shudders and mewling sounds from the man on the bottom. Face buried in the covers, I lay there, spent, enjoying the soft afterglow. Dan caged me, his hands coming down on either side of me.

“Shit, Vic,” he panted, then pulled out, quickly sliding from the bed and returning with something soft—a dirty T-shirt from the hamper—that he wiggled between my thighs.

I moved onto my back, cum leaking from my ass, and reached for him. He draped himself over me. My fingers dove into his hair, fisting it and using it to guide his mouth to mine.

“You rock my world,” I confessed, then nibbled a path from his lips to his neck.

We tussled around a bit, tasting each other, touching while cooling down, whispering secret things that lovers do. I lay there in our bed, enjoying the way his chest rose and fell and how each breath lifted my head. I dropped a kiss on his stomach and laid my hand over his navel. My wedding band caught the light.

“I still can’t believe you’re still married to me.”

“Me either,” he replied, then chuckled, his belly rippling with laughter.

Smiling to myself, I nipped at his stomach, getting a sharp hiss from the man who held my heart. Dan carded his fingers through my hair, the hazy, tender moment making me feel sluggish and loved. So damn loved. Marriage rocked. I had the hottest man ever created from clay—if you back that particular creation story—in my bed every night.

“You know what day it is?”


Sleep was tiptoeing up my spine.

“It’s Thursday,” he said, his fingers still gliding through my hair, making it harder for me to keep my eyes open.

“Thursday night fucks are the best,” I replied. I burrowed my face in his tight abs and began to drift off.

“Thursday is trash night.”

Soon as the words left his mouth, I knew what he was getting at. I pretended to be asleep. Fucker wasn’t falling for it. He pushed me off his tacky chest. I flopped onto my back like a dead carp.

“Go put out the trash.”

“Are you kidding me with this shit now?”

“Vic, you have like two jobs around here…”

Okay, this right here is when marriage sucks. This shit right here is Peg Bundy all over the place.

“You take out the trash and you vacuum once a week if I’m right there to force you to.”

I squeezed my eyes shut. “Holy fucking hell. Dan, I like just shot my load. Can I get it in the morning? I just want to cuddle with you, because I love you more than anything.”

“If you don’t get up and put the garbage out, I’m divorcing you.” He didn’t mean it. He fucking adores me. “I mean it.”

“You don’t mean shit.”

Nevertheless, I sat up, rubbed at my eyes, and gave him my most pitiful look. He was pulling jeans on. This was worse than just Peg. This was Peg on one side and Marcy on the other, mouths going a mile a minute. Ugh. And this was the downside of marriage, big time.

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