Coyote's Creed by Vaughn R. Demont

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Title: Coyote’s Creed

Series: Broken Mirror 01

Author: Vaughn R. Demont

Genre: Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Alternative World, Urban Fantasy

Length: Novel (218pgs)

Publisher: Samhain Publishing (11th October 2011)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: If con games were taught in high school, Spencer Crain would be on the honor roll. As it is, he’ll be riding the edge of failure to graduation next month. Then Spence gets the news that his long-gone father is not only dead, but was a Coyote, one of three clans of tricksters in the City.

With a near-catatonic mother on his hands, Spence couldn’t care less about the Coyotes’ on-going feud with the Phouka and the Kitsune—until it lands on his doorstep. Suddenly he’s thrown headfirst into a dangerous world he knows next-to-nothing about. His only guide is Rourke, dashing King of the Phouka, plus a growing pack of half-siblings, a god, and Fate herself.

As Spence embarks on a journey to learn the Coyote’s creed, the truth about his heritage, and how to handle his growing attraction to Rourke, he wonders when his life turned from TV sitcom to real-life danger zone. And what price must he pay to survive the next roll of the dice…

Warning: Contains PG-13 rated violence, R-rated language and X-rated hotel scenes. Meta-humor, pop-culture humor, utter disregard for the 4th wall abound.

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Review: Well hmmm what to say, what to say… I loved it, thought it was brilliant, so go out and get it… what? You want me to tell you why, geeze there’s no pleasing some people. Okay here goes… Spencer is an eighteen year old who is failing his classes, he gets the news that not only is his deadbeat dad dead, but he is half coyote as well and that’s when everything changes for him. Rourke is like an uncle to Spencer keeping an eye on him when he was growing up and being there for him if he needed it, when suddenly things change between them when they both least expect it.

This is a well thought out story-line and plot that, to be honest, if someone asked me to describe it I’d make a hash out of it and mess it all up. So I will just say this: there are twists inside twists and plots inside plots, there’s back-stabbing, intrigue, puzzles, tricks and pranks some for the long game but some for the quick pay off. We have the Fates and a God, an ex-Sorcerer, the Phouka, Kitsune and Coyote, a troll and… well I think the only thing that I didn’t read something about was Vampires but I might have missed it (don’t think I did but you never know).

The way this story is told is great, there is always something going on and sometimes you think you are being led astray but it always comes back around and makes perfect sense (sort of like a light bulb moment), it is brilliantly written and I am amazed that there was so much going on that Vaughn R. Demont didn’t lose his way or forget to tie something off. Brilliant.

The relationship between Spencer and Rourke is kinda like May to December in looks anyway as Rourke is described as looking in his fifties but is soooo much older than that… I wonder if that is his real appearance though because he’s the King of the Phouka and it says they are basically immortal.  Hmmm, I wonder…, so anyway getting back on track, Spencer doesn’t love Rourke but wants to still be with him. I think that’s for the future books, yeah!!

So if you like any of the above and some really, really hot sex then you need to read this book. I highly recommend this book but as I have said in previous reviews this is my favorite type of genre.



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