Forbidden Mate by Toni Griffin

Title: Forbidden Mate

Series: Holland Brothers 04

Author: Toni Griffin

Genre: Shifter/Paranormal

Length: Novel (173pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (1st October 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: On a trip for his Alpha, Jake is forced into close quarters with the one man he has kept at a distance for ten years. While so close to the man he secretly loves, can he keep his mind on business and off his forbidden mate?

Rick Holland has watched as his brothers settled into mated bliss, quietly dying inside knowing he will never have the same. Rick has lived for the last ten years with the knowledge his mate doesn’t want him.  When his brother and Alpha asks him to take a trip, will Rick have the courage to forget his hurt and move on with his life?

Jake Richmond has watched from the sidelines as his mate grew from a surprisingly sexy sixteen years old into a stunningly handsome man. He’s done everything within his power to keep that man safe–aware that his mate believes he’s not wanted but unable to reveal the truth. Can Jake finally let go of the man he loves or will everything come crashing down when the pair are thrust together in their search for much-needed answers?

Review: Jake has stayed as far away from his mate as shifterly (is that a real word? Lol) possible trying to protect him and keep him safe.  All the while longing that he could claim him. Rick has accepted that his mate won’t claim him even as he still longs for the other man.   Now they are thrown together to do a task for their Alpha.   Can they both survive the longing to be together?

A well written story that answered many of our questions… well mine anyway, but still left a few to be answered (maybe a new series involving the Alpha of all of Australia (hint hint)). Rick has waited for Jake to claim him since he was 16 years old and after ten years knows it’s just not going to happen.   Jake wants nothing more to claim his mate but knows that if he does his mate’s life will be in danger.

I think this storyline was strong.   One mate protecting the other mate, although I was disappointed that Jake took it all onto himself but really what can we expect he’s male lol. I liked that it seemed a bit angsty for the two men and it wasn’t easy for them to spend time together.   and I thought that Rick has a core of steel and a very forgiving heart to be able to forgive his mate so quickly. Jake, on the other hand, I thought he was a bit spineless at first because there were a lot of people that he could have turned to who would have helped him out.   I found that I began to admire him though and he kinda grew on me.

As for the twist from the last book, yeah the explanation was good but the reasoning for keeping it secret from the packs especially the Alphas is stupid and causes more harm than good.   But, I have to keep reminding myself that it’s fiction and to let it go… it’s just a story. That’s how good Toni Griffin’s writing is.

So what do I recommend… this is for those who love shifters, hot men, hotter sex, a good storyline, a bit of angst and a bit of danger.



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