Grey's Hidden Fire by Draven St. James

DST_Grey's Hidden Fire_coverinTitle: Grey’s Hidden Fire

Author: Draven St. James

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella

Publisher: Loose Id (July 9th, 2013)

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Heat Level: Explicit

Blurb: Grey’s entire life is wrapped around his job as a firefighter. It is all he has ever wanted. That is until his new coworker Mica Cruz saunters through the door with his smoldering dark looks and dimpled grin. Suddenly he finds himself wanting to get to know what Mica looks like out of his gear and between the sheets.

Mica has one rule…keep his work life and his personal life separate. It was easy enough to follow until he meets Grey and finds that his rule can’t stand up to the fire that Grey ignites. There’s one big thing standing in the way of all of his lust filled musings. Grey is straight.

In a profession where being gay is often kept quiet Grey must come to terms with his growing attraction to Mica. How much is he willing to sacrifice? Can they come together before someone’s hatred threatens to destroy them both?

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Reviewer: Cat

Review: Grey is a firefighter, a pretty easy to get along with person and straight. At least he thinks he is until he meets the new man Mica, and old memories from his childhood emerge and he can’t seem to get his mind off Mica.

Mica is gay, but he neither really hides it nor promotes it. He doesn’t flaunt it; he just hasn’t had to worry too much in the past at work since none of his coworkers pushed those buttons, until he meets Grey. Now all he can think about is the man and how he wants to be more than just friends but the biggest issue is Grey is straight. Right? I highly recommend you read this one to see.

This is a very beautifully written story of bigotry, friendship, and love. The characters are very likeable and the bad guys are just that true asses that you hope the get what they deserve. It’s a very realist and heartfelt story. The storyline is interesting how these two men deal with their feelings and the friendships they make along the way. The sex is pretty good too!

Recommendation: If you like, friends to lovers, stories of dealing with bigotry, learning your sexuality, camaraderie and some pretty hot mansex this is a must!! Highly recommend!

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