Jaguar's Bite by Sunny Day

18336654Title: Jaguar’s Bite    

Author: Sunny Day    

Genre: Paranormal     

Length: Novella (116pgs)    

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (24th August 2013)   

Heat Level: Moderate     

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3 – 3½ Hearts  

Reviewer: Pixie    

Blurb: Blake is not thrilled when his friend concocts idea, which will have him tagging along whenever his pride mates decide to meet with members of neighboring pride, Golden Grass. The only bright spot is that Golden Grass enforcer Luc LeBleu is supposed to do the same. A spark of attraction between them quickly sizzles into encompassing fire. It’s not that Blake has a problem going after what he wants and he definitely wants Luc and the feeling seems to be mutual—except that they are both pride enforcers and it could turn ugly quickly if anyone finds out.

The situation once again spins out of control, but the way prides handle it isn’t something Blake was expecting. He is for all intents and purposes, now mated to Luc.

What is he supposed to do when random attacks starts happening in both prides? Who is he supposed to trust?

He wants to protect Luc. He is just not sure from whom.     

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Review: Blake is the enforcer for his pride and is annoyed when he is reduced to being a babysitter when the younger pride mates want to go clubbing, but at least he has company that is a joy to look at. Luc is Blake’s equal in the neighboring pack and he has no trouble with keeping Blake company in nightclubs. The pride Elders in both prides have come up with a plan keep the younger pride mates from causing trouble, but when the plan fails they resort to a custom that is very little used and Blake and Luc find themselves able to act on their attraction. But someone is unhappy and as things heat up, danger comes, and Blake and Luc prove to the prides that an alliance is worthwhile. 

This is a great paranormal story that has a great pride structure and some great characters. Blake is a member of the Black Shadows jaguar pride and has a fierce attraction for his counterpart, Luc, in the Golden Grass lions pride, but a relationship would be frowned upon as they still have tentative peace between the prides. They are thrown together as they keep their younger pride mates in line but when that fails they are bonded together and it gives them both the excuse to act on their attraction. But some of their prides don’t want peace, set out to cause trouble, and as enforcers it is Luc’s and Blake’s place to find out who they are. 

I really did enjoy this story and I loved how the prides were set up so there wasn’t just one person in charge, the storyline was interesting, and we meet some wonderful characters. Luc and Blake are two smoking hot characters who are attracted to each other but have to ignore it because of the tensions within their prides. When they can finally act on it, they burn up the sheets and connect together perfectly. They also face problems from within the packs as some pride mates don’t want peace between the prides and cause as much trouble as they can even if it endangers the young. Luc and Blake are great characters and this story fits them perfectly. The connecting of the prides to make it easier for them all is pretty interesting but we only get it from Luc and Blake’s perspective so although we see the mating bond take place we don’t really see how it happens other than some of the Elders chanting. My one bugbear with this story was the editing, I found it to be poor in places, and it really detracted the story.

I recommend this to those who love paranormals coming to understandings, hot man on man sex, a touch of danger, an interesting storyline and really hot sexy ending. 


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