Loving Luki Vasquez by Lou Sylvre

Title: Loving Luki Vasquez

Author: Lou Sylvre

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Length: Novel (220pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (20th June 2011)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Reclusive weaver Sonny Bly James controls every color and shape in his tapestries, but he can’t control the pattern of his life-a random encounter with Luki Vasquez, ex-ATF agent and all-around badass, makes that perfectly clear. The mutual attraction is immediate, but love-shy Sonny has retreated from life, and Luki wears his visible and not-so-visible scars like armor. Neither can bare his soul with ease.

While they run from desire, they can’t hide from the evil that hunts them. After it becomes clear that a violent stalker has targeted Sonny, Luki’s protective instincts won’t let him run far, especially when Sonny’s family is targeted as well. Whether they can forgive or forget, Sonny and Luki will have to call a truce and work together to save Sonny’s nephew and fight an enemy intent on making sure loving Luki Vasquez is the last mistake Sonny will ever make.

Review: This is a hard review to write because while I thought this book was great and the storyline good when I got to the end I felt unfulfilled, like there was something missing or unresolved.

Sonny is a weaver or as he tells Luki he “plays with string and yarn”.   He is socially inept with strangers and comes across as gruff and a bit smart mouthed. Luki owns a security company and is just as inept with people and comes across as cold and mean. They both hide behind their armor to protect their hearts.

These two guys seem so different but they seem to connect on a level which is just for them. They both have a ways to go in the romance stakes even with each other but they both pick up on little things about the other that anyone else would miss. The romance between them is sweet if a little rusty and they somehow manage to fall for each other and I must admit after the first few times that they meet you do wonder if they will ever get their act together.

The mystery and suspense are great, it has you looking for clues in every word that is said and wondering why.   Why is someone doing this to Sonny?  Why can’t they find anything?   Why does it seem to drag on?   and then suddenly everything happens at once. The scenes near the end will have you nibbling on your fingernails and praying that it works out.

The descriptions of the surrounding areas are detailed and draw you in and in some scenes you feel like you could be there and the secondary characters are great as they do add to the story. The emotions that all the characters have carry clearly from the page and sometimes you can actually feel that ice mask falling back into place.

I recommend this book to those who love Mystery/Suspense and awkward men fumbling with romance.

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    1. Hi Gwen, ah now that’s a million dollar question LOL If it’s a short story it generally means there’s a minimum of 1 sex scene that is mild (isn’t explicitly written), in a novella it could either be one sex scene that is really hot or a couple of scenes where the heat is mild… and then we come to the novels where it can mean a explicitly written scene and several mild scenes or it could be several mild sex scenes throughout the book. We try to balance the heat levels with the rest of the story. I.E. if someone labeled a novel explicit then you’d expect several hot and heavy steamy scenes not just one, and we base it all on on-page sex, if there isn’t as much on page then we usually do mention it 🙂
      Hope I helped.


  1. Good explanation Pixie.. Thats about how i do it and if i think my persoanl opinion may be different than the norm I try to say so in the review. I also base a bit on wordage if it has lots of sex scenes and explicit terms( lots of naming body parts etc ) I usually call that explicit if it has several hot and steamy but more tastefully worded sex scenes I call it moderate ( and somtimes explain inmy review ) I think most of us in the group are pretty close on how we rate them using your explanation and stuff.

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