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Master Cleary’s Boys

(Irish Runaways 02)

Brina Brady

Desperate to escape the clutches of an increasingly sadistic and abusive Dom, Kevin and Jack seize their opportunity to escape and runaway to Galway. They shave their heads and do their best to avoid being detected while searching for a new Dom who is prepared to take them on as package deal. Their running leads them to Cleary’s  Pub—a bar full of leather-clad Doms and subs, owned and run by Master Cleary… 

Master Cameron Cleary was in need of a new sub—it had been far too long since he’d had a boy in his life. Each night as he ran his pub filled with leather-clad Doms, accompanied by their Subs, he became more aware of how solitary his life had become. That is, until two young cousins turned up one night looking for work, a place to stay, and more intriguingly a Dom who would take them both. Something about their recently shaved heads and skittish demeanor stirred his interest and protective nature. But did he want two subs, and was he prepared to deal with whatever trouble these boys were hiding?



Jack crouched under an old woolen blanket in the back corner of the closet in the guestroom. He needed to find a damn good reason for why he’d failed again. Sir had told him he would punish him if he didn’t bring home the money he had stolen from the caravans and prove that he had killed Abel Serban. Punishment meant getting his bare ass caned, meals served in a dog dish, and sleeping in a cage, hogtied and away from Sir and Kevin. Sir had promised Jack that he would make him wear a cock cage for six months straight, and that he would be forced to service all of Sir’s fellow bandits on a nightly basis if he failed again.

This test was too important to flunk, but Jack had failed anyway. He never had a chance of succeeding with killing the king of the gypsy camp, who chased him down through the woods with his knife. The wild man would have chopped him into tiny pieces if Jack hadn’t outrun him. Sir had commanded him to kill Abel Serban and steal his money. Those were his orders and Sir’s orders must be obeyed. Sir had turned them both into thieves, and now he wanted them to be murderers too. Kevin had been assigned to kill another gypsy leader in Dublin. It was no secret that Sir hated gypsies, all of them. He despised both the Irish traveling tinkers and the Romani gypsies. Of course, Sir used to be an Irish traveling tinker, the same as Kevin and Jack, but Sir had saved them from the gypsies. All three of them weren’t welcome in any gypsy camp since they were gay.

Last night, Sir had separated Kevin and Jack again, so he couldn’t ask Kevin what he should do. Jack knew he couldn’t kill anyone, let alone a man like Abel Serban. Yet, if nothing else, he had attempted to steal from the gypsies, but was caught red-handed. Jack was grateful that Abel was drunk and didn’t have all his faculties about him when he discovered him.

The loud crash of the door banging against the wall interrupted the horrific images of Abel running after him with his humongous knife. The noise blasting into his ears triggered him into holding his breath under the blanket, not moving an inch. Sir must be home and looking for his sorry ass.

“Jack,” Kevin shouted, pacing loudly through the room.

Jack remained silent for fear that Sir might be standing beside Kevin, or that their Dom may have sent Kevin to find him while Sir got ready for his caning in front of his bandit friends. Either way, he wasn’t going to move and give away his location.

Please don’t open the closet door.

“I’m alone. Come out. Where are you?” Kevin opened the closet door. “What the fuck are you doing, hiding in here?” Kevin pulled the blanket off of Jack.

“I failed again.”

“Get your ass up. We’re leaving, now. Don’t argue,” Kevin ordered.

“What about Sir?” Jack asked, standing up.

“Sir is coming back for you with the others and we have to get the fuck out of here before they get you. Sir is pissed. Very pissed.”

“What about?” Jack’s hand trembled right along with his voice. Somehow, Sir must have heard of his failure and he was doomed to be serving all of Sir’s bandit friends.

“No more questions,” Kevin said. “Get your backpack.”

“I need to pack it.”

“I already did. Let’s go.”

Jack picked up his backpack and followed Kevin outside to his motorcycle. Apparently, Kevin had been planning this for some time. Last night, Sir had his free night with the boys from the Sugar Boys club in Limerick. At first, it had been one night a week and Sir had begun fucking his own boys less and less, and then Sir had turned his one free night per week into four. Of course, he chained them up in separate rooms when he had his free nights, so they couldn’t fuck each other. He had to be present for them to fuck or suck while under his command, otherwise they weren’t allowed to touch each other, or themselves. Their asses belonged to Sir and he could do what he wanted with them.

They both knew Sir wanted them to take part in the bank robbery next week and neither wanted to do it, but Sir always made them do things they didn’t want to do. Keeping them separated for the last two weeks had prevented them from making a getaway, or so Sir had thought. Kevin was far more intelligent than Sir in some matters.

“We’re heading to Galway.” Kevin swiped his long brown hair away from his dark blue eyes.

“Why Galway?” Jack climbed on the back of the bike and locked on his helmet.

“We’re going to find another Dom at Cleary’s Pub. I heard Cleary’s is a good place to find a decent Dom, and we need a new one who won’t make us break the law.”

“What about Sir?”

“He’s planning for us to take the fall for him next week. That is, if we both made it through his test today.”

“He doesn’t love us, does he?” Jack asked, feeling a pain deep inside his stomach.

“Hell no, he never did. We’re his meal ticket and nothing more. Don’t worry. I’m in charge until we get a new Dom.” Kevin turned around and brushed Jack’s lips with a kiss.

Jack relaxed his head against the back of Kevin’s backpack and allowed the tears to trail down his sunburned face. He had wanted their threesome relationship to work out. He had been foolish enough to believe Sir loved them equally because he believed everything out of Sir’s mouth was the gospel truth. Although Sir favored Kevin over him time and time again, he wished Sir liked him more than he did and he’d been willing to wait to find that place with Sir. Jack had tried to get on Sir’s right side many times, but never could.


About Brina

I am from Huntington Beach, Ca. I taught various subjects at a Continuation High School in Los Angeles, California for 27 years. I obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in history, Secondary Social Science Credential and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Reading and Secondary Education from California State University, Long Beach. I also enrolled in some creative writing classes at UCLA. I am currently taking classes from Romance Writers of America. 

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