My Secret Pain by Kim Flowers

cb58098b1b395e10c8b5e1969508a2605bfa165fTitle: My Secret Pain

Author: Kim Flowers

Genre: YA/ Coming of Age

Length: Short (19 pages)

Publisher: JMS Books (August 12th, 2013)

Heat Level: Nil

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:Senior Dustin Ericson and his best friend Kadie have an unspoken agreement to never reveal they are gay. Dustin recently broke a school record in tennis and enjoys a new rise in popularity, but he’s still afraid of what everyone else would think if they knew the truth about who he is.

When Dustin gets asked to a prom after-party by Ryan, the guy he’s had a crush on since junior high, he can’t refuse. Ryan thinks Dustin and Kadie are dating, but Kadie refuses to be Dustin’s prom date until Dustin tells her Ryan is bringing Alyssa to prom … the girl Kadie has a crush on.

Dustin and Kadie plan the perfect date, including all of Ryan and Alyssa’s favorite food, music, even colors. Sometimes Dustin wonders if he is normal, and sort of feels like a stalker when he realizes he knows a lot more about Ryan than Ryan knows about him.

But, prom night doesn’t go well at all. Dustin drives with Kadie in the passenger seat, while Ryan and Alyssa tear each other’s clothes off in the back. Dustin feels ashamed he could have imagined making out with Ryan, instead. He hates having to hide who he is, and Kadie feels the same. Will things ever get better?

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Review: I loved this cover!

This is a story of two best friends one a gay black tennis pro the other a white female Goth chic. They are both gay and have secret crushes.

This is a sweet story of crushes, having secrets, and finding your sexuality. It is beautifully written and bittersweet.

I recommend this to anyone that likes a bittersweet story of coming of age

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