One Night

Title: One Night

Author: R.J. Scott

Genre: Contemporary

Length:  Novel 158pgs

Publisher: Silver Publishing

Heat Level: Hot

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4 1/2

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb:  Liam Wade is facing the biggest change in his life since marrying his best friend, Janelle, and adopting her daughter. Janelle has long since passed on, losing the battle to live a few days after her daughter is born, leaving Liam a father, in need of finding a mother for his daughter Emma. He’s rich, successful, and Leigh is the perfect, approved, wife for him. Before he settles down to give his daughter the best family he can, he wants one week away, to think. Just to make sure that he can leave half of himself hidden and marry without love, because Liam has one big problem in all of this — he’s gay.

Micah Adamson is the owner of a vineyard in Rochester NY, and has yet to find the partner he knows is out there for him. He believes in love and wants forever, and one day he knows he will find his ‘forever’ man. He attends a wine festival in Santa Monica, seven nights in a beautiful hotel on the beach.

Micah wants to show that love between two men includes affection, understanding, and can be forever. Will he make Liam see sense?

Review: Micah is a workaholic who is bullied into taking a vacation/conference by his well-meaning family. Liam is taking a week for himself to be himself and to find himself away from the influence of his family.

Liam is positive that the only type of relationship that can happen between two men is hot, hard sex. He really does believe that he will never get the type of relationship that he craves and the security and family that his daughter needs with a man. Micah is tired of men who either want his money or think monogamy is over-rated.

I thought this story was incredibly touching as a father tries to do what is best for his daughter. You can feel his need to do right by his daughter; to give her the best upbringing that he can, even if it means that he sacrifices his own happiness. You feel incredibly sad for both these men as all they want is to be loved for themselves, not what they have or their name. The confrontation between Liam and his dad was good, very good and I was impressed that it was realistic without screaming matches or punches being thrown. I loved the ending because it’s not, ‘they throw their arms around each other and declare undying love for each other’, It’s a we’ll see how this goes but I hope it lasts forever.

It’s not a happy ever after… but it’s a beginning.


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