Bayou Dreams by Lynn Lorenz

Title: Bayou Dreams

Series: Rougaroux Social Club

Author: Lynn Lorenz

Genre: LGBT Paranormal Shape-shifter

Length: Novel

Publisher: Loose Id

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:   ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb:  Sheriff Scott Dupree’s got more problems than he can handle. He’s alpha of his small werewolf pack and coming up for re-election as sheriff in a year. On top of this, his mother is casting love spells to find Scott a mate. It’s all Scott can do to keep the town and pack under control, let alone his urges to mate.

Ted Canedo is openly gay, a disgraced ex-cop from New Orleans. His patrol partner was killed on duty and Ted took the blame for taking protection money from the store owner to save his partner’s wife and kids’ grief. No one knew Ted was in love with his partner, not even his partner. Having him die in Ted’s arms killed something inside Ted too.

When the moon is full and Scott’s momma works her magic, Ted’s erotic dreams and his work as a PI bring him to St. Jerome and sexy, straight Scott. Scott’s stunned to learn his wolf is gay and wants to mate with Ted. Ted refuses to become involved with a straight man, much less a werewolf, terrified to risk his heart again.

Especially if it he has to watch Scott fight to the death for his right to claim Ted as his mate.

Review: I enjoyed this book and thank Lynn Lorenz for producing a shifter story where both mates try to fight the pull and that made it enjoyable to read.

Scott is disbelieving of his Maman, she’s cast a love spell to bring him his perfect mate, only it’s back fired as she never specified the sex of his mate. Ted is gob smacked, can this really be happening to him again, he’s falling for another straight man and he finds out that it’s not of his own choice.

I loved this book as both these men do try to fight their attraction, they both try to be reasonable, and they both try to convince themselves that the spell has been broken and that they can get on with their lives without the other, we can see it’s a losing battle and that’s why I enjoyed it so much.

Yes, I know some of you will say ‘but it’s gay for you’ but the thing is it isn’t.   Just because Scott is straight doesn’t mean his wolf has to be and what a wolf wants he gets, so Scott had to man up and accept the fact that he was gay, just because he never had the urge for a man before makes no difference.

All the various characters in this book are well developed and each seemed to add something more to the story from Darcy the artist to Billy the deputy, hopefully we will be seeing more of all the characters.

So I say read and enjoy.




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