Reader questions for Riptide Publishing's S.E. Jakes!!

Portia's Basement*Reaches hand through cage and uses pixie dust to unlock padlock, the chain rattles and I hold my breath hoping she hasn’t heard… that woman has hearing like a bat, the slightest change and she usually hovers. I hear the moans from the other room and sneak out of the cage hoping Eli and Thommie are enjoying their paddling… and that they keep her occupied. I crawl across the floor to my secret place, sliding the stones out and grabbing the laptop hoping it still has some charge, I breath a sigh of relief and then freeze as I hear a scream but breath again as I hear the whip crack… I still have time.*


Hey peeps, I don’t have much time but I had to get this great news to you. We all S.E. Jakes - Dirty Deedsknow that Riptide Publishing is doing a brilliant series of blog tours, well, I can tell you we will be taking part in several of them and there are a couple that I want you, the reader, to take a greater part in *seriously I have sooo many books to read*. So here’s what I want… QUESTIONS!!!! On the 23rd January 2014 S.E. Jakes will be here with her newest release ‘Dirty Deeds’  which stars Cillian & Mal both of whom we have met in Prophet & Tom’s series Hell or High Water and we need 5 questions for S.E. Jakes to answer and that’s where you lot come in.

I want you to come up with questions for S.E., you can leave the question on this post and come up with as many as you want, each question should be in it’s own comment box with your name and where you come from i.e How far from psychotic is Prophet? Pixie, England. or How do the characters come to you? Portia, The Dungeon er I mean Florida. *Glances over shoulder, the moans and groans are getting intense…. not much time left* Then this time next week (Monday 9th Dec) I will run another post and you can vote on the questions, the 5 questions with the most votes will be the ones we give S.E. to answer. (So please leave many many questions 🙂 )


Riptide logoSo happy readers lets show Riptide Publishing and S.E. Jakes what we can do, and in the meantime I will think of a prize for the winning 5 questions.  *wink* ~Pixie~

*Hides laptop and scurries back to cage, locking the door just as Thommie and Eli limp in, arms around each other in support and Portia glancing around the room in suspicion. I give Thommie and Eli a thumbs up and relieved smiles flit across their faces… Portia’s phone buzzes, she glances at it and slowly approaches my cage. ‘Whose been a naughty Pixie’ she murmurs showing me the screen where the notification for the new post shines bright, I look at her knowing what is coming next… but it was well worth it * 


3 thoughts on “Reader questions for Riptide Publishing's S.E. Jakes!!

  1. I absolutely love Mal aready, will Cillian be deserving of all that Mal has to offer???

  2. Will Mal and Cillian end up exclusive??? they both seem to have a thing for Prophet.

  3. Will Tommy and Proph be showing up in Dirty Deeds, and will that damn couch be used????

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