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Hi peeps, we have Perci T. Brooks stopping by today with the tour for her new release Royal Surrender, we have a great guest post, a wonderful excerpt and a brilliant giveaway, so check out the post and enjoy! <3 ~Pixie~

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Royal Surrender


Perci T. Brooks

Prince Amory longs to find his true love. 

Néstor Awada wants to be a servant no longer. 

Both yearn to find the man with whom they could fall in love. 

Each doubts their dream will come true. 

When word reaches Amory that his father is mistreating a new servant, he goes to save him. 

Prince and servant try to fight their growing feelings for each other to no avail. 

But is their love strong enough to breach the chasm forced on them by society?

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Perci T. Brooks!

What Does The Future Hold

No one knows what the future holds and rightly so. No one should have that ability as I think it might deter us from finding our true fate.

My future?

Writing, writing and writing! Then more writing!

With every story I write, I find myself growing a bit more in terms of expanding my own horizons. I’d love to dabble with other genres such as Sci-Fi/Fantasy and as a matter of fact, I’ve been outlining a new idea which I hope to submit to WIP when finished.

I want to combine a new genre with a trope that some people may find a bit uncomfortable or even taboo. Thinking outside the box is sometimes a fiercesome thing because you aren’t sure if anyone will find it relatable but if even there’s a small chance someone may, count me in!

I also plan on writing another short story/novella to ‘Royal Surrender’. Book Two focuses on someone close to Amory. Still working out the details on that one but I’m very excited.

I’m currently going through journals and pulling out some ideas/half written stories and reviewing them for possible future books. There’s a lot to go through but I am confident I can salvage many of those ideas and put a new spin on them.

I’d really love to write a F/F romance, either paranormal or contemporary. Definitely on my list! And of course, my sister continues to dare me to write a straight M/F romance.

She’s kinky like that. *winks*


He pushed open the doors and strode in, approaching the king. “Father, stop this immediately.”

The king backhanded him, ignoring the soft gasps of his couriers. His icy tone matched the cold look in his eyes. “Do not talk to me like that. I am your king first, and I can do as I please.”

“You have always been the king first. Not once have you ever been a father to me. You’ve treated me like a bastard child all these years.”

The servant shifted, biting his lip and attempting to stifle the groan the movement caused. Amory could tell the man’s knees were aching. How long had Floyd kept him in this position? Another furtive attempt to move away caught the king’s attention and he dealt another blow to the servant’s already-reddened face. Raising his arm once more, the king snarled when Amory grabbed it, holding it in midair.

“Unhand me,” the king commanded, staring daggers at Amory.

The prince stood between his father and the servant. He didn’t speak right away, and when he did, he lowered his tone, never breaking eye contact. “With your merciful permission, Your Majesty, I’ll take him. He’ll answer to me, or to Covyll if I am not present.” He paused, choosing his words. “A king of your stature shouldn’t be worrying about the affairs of one lone servant.” Amory knew he was taking a gamble, banking on the fact that as much as his father loved using brute strength and fear as weapons, he also liked playing the benevolent ruler when it suited him.

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About Perci

PERCI T. BROOKS is the author of Yaoi (m/m) and Yuri (f/f). She’s been writing since the age of ten and started off writing just little stories. As she got older, she was able to create her own characters and plots. She loves to write. Becoming an author has always been her dream.

Perci enjoys reading, writing, poetry, anime, manga, Japanese music, cats, cows, Japanese history, Japanese movies. She is a total cat lover and loves to inspire others.

Miss Brooks lives to inspire others. She was born with medical problems, is hearing impaired and has disabilities and thought she would never become an author.

PERCI T. BROOKS can be found at:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr

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