Royal Surrender by Perci T. Brooks Release Blitz & Excerpt!

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Hi peeps, we have Perci T. Brooks stopping by today with her new release Royal Surrender, we have a wonderful excerpt for you to check out, so enjoy the post! <3 ~Pixie~

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Royal Surrender


Perci T. Brooks

Prince Amory longs to find his true love. 

Néstor Awada wants to be a servant no longer. 

Both yearn to find the man with whom they could fall in love. 

Each doubts their dream will come true. 

When word reaches Amory that his father is mistreating a new servant, he goes to save him. 

Prince and servant try to fight their growing feelings for each other to no avail. 

But is their love strong enough to breach the chasm forced on them by society?

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Amory knew he was taking a gamble, banking on the fact that as much as his father loved using brute strength and fear as weapons, he also liked playing the benevolent ruler when it suited him. And seeing as there were more than a handful of witnesses watching the exchange, he hoped this resolution would suit Floyd.

The king glared at him for another heartbeat, glancing around the room before giving a curt nod. There would be hell to pay later, Amory knew. For now, however, he simply released his grip and stepped back. “Thank you.”

Turning his attention to the newest member of his staff, he squatted down and touched the young man’s shoulder. “You don’t have to be scared around me. I’ll take care of you from now on. You can ask my advisor how I treat my personal servants.”

After a moment’s hesitation the servant looked up at him, meeting his eyes for an instant before quickly looking at the floor again. Amory urged him to his feet. “Covyll, please get him settled in my wing.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Covyll placed a gentle hand at the small of the servant’s back and guided him out, murmuring soothing words to him.

Amory turned around to look at the people who’d brought him into existence. “He’s mine, as I said. Neither you nor anyone else will have anything to do with him. He’ll obey me or Covyll. Good day to you, Father. Mother.” He spun on his heel and left the room.

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About Perci

PERCI T. BROOKS is the author of Yaoi (m/m) and Yuri (f/f). She’s been writing since the age of ten and started off writing just little stories. As she got older, she was able to create her own characters and plots. She loves to write. Becoming an author has always been her dream.

Perci enjoys reading, writing, poetry, anime, manga, Japanese music, cats, cows, Japanese history, Japanese movies. She is a total cat lover and loves to inspire others.

Miss Brooks lives to inspire others. She was born with medical problems, is hearing impaired and has disabilities and thought she would never become an author.

PERCI T. BROOKS can be found at:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr

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