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Hi guys, we have Charley Descoteaux stopping by to kick off the tour to her upcoming release Safe House, we have a brilliant guest post, a great excerpt and a fantastic giveaway! So check out the post and then click that giveaway link <3 ~Pixie~


Safe House

(Buchanan House 04)

Charley Descoteaux

It’s never too late for a new beginning…

Kyle Shimoda is an asshole magnet, has been for as long as he can remember. At forty-seven, he doesn’t see much chance for improving his luck in love. His friends who run Buchanan House, a gay retreat on the central Oregon coast, know he wants to find “someone nice” to settle down with, and they set him up with Officer Brandon Smith. Kyle has a turbulent history with law enforcement, but he can’t deny his attraction to the buff cop.

Brandon has been a police officer in Lincoln City almost since the day he graduated from high school over thirty years ago. He’s cultivated the facade of a serious, disciplined law enforcement officer, but beneath his overdeveloped chest beats the soft heart of a drama queen. A cancer scare shifts Bran’s focus from finding a serious relationship to having as much sex as he can—putting his goals squarely at odds with Kyle’s. If he can’t find the courage to be honest about his feelings for Kyle, the happiness they’ve both been searching for could slip through their fingers.

Release Date: 19th September 2016

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Charley Descoteaux

Hello all! Thanks to everyone at MM Good Book Reviews for having me back! I’m thrilled be here to kick off the tour for my latest Buchanan House novel—Safe House! Stick around for a sale announcement and giveaway at the end of this post!


On my Tiny Tour for Tiny House I talked about how I got to know my main character, Nathan, so I thought I’d do the same with Kyle. You may remember Kyle from Tiny House, he worked with Paulie at his restaurant and never seemed to meet the right guy.

If that’s all you remember about Kyle you’re about where I was when I started writing Safe House. Writing a book is like a micro version of getting to know a new friend—with the added bonus of being able to edit when things don’t run smoothly. Kyle wasn’t a completely new character so it wasn’t too hard to get into his head. One thing I didn’t edit is Kyle’s age. When I started writing I had no idea he was 47 but he said he was so I went with it.

Writing older characters is fun, they usually have more surprises than the younger guys. Kyle surprised me in a couple of key areas—one of the largest for me (and my editors J) is that he’s not concerned with some of the things most mature folks consider important. For instance, he doesn’t own a car, and even though he has a career he enjoys and that supports him comfortably, Kyle doesn’t own his own home. Neither of those things are all that unusual for a single man living in Portland but they say a lot about Kyle’s personality and what he focuses on in life.

I didn’t let him decide everything, though. Kyle’s story started out very differently than the one releasing on the 19th. He was fed up with always finding the wrong guy so he decided to strike out in a completely new direction and go to a party he learned about while out dancing in Lincoln City. Kyle is close to his family of choice so going to a party where he wouldn’t know anyone—accepting an invitation from a stranger in an unfamiliar city—would take him outside his comfort zone and into a situation promising some action.

It turned out to be a kink party. Which could have been fun, until one thing led to another and Kyle’s history of being an asshole magnet repeated itself—spectacularly—but this time someone ended up dead. The story spiraled out of control from there so I scrapped the whole thing and started over. That first, ill-fated draft could have been interesting and fun but would have been far too dark for the Buchanan House series. I did keep the title, though, and the safe house makes an appearance in the story as well. Those scenes are too spoilery to share so here is an excerpt from the first time Kyle and Bran are alone.

In this excerpt, Kyle has just left the camp house and is walking on the beach, at the “gentle” urging of Paulie and Derek, so he’s not surprised to see a familiar form.



Kyle walked through the backyard and past the gazebo—that would always be called the massage gazebo, despite the fact that Eric and Nathan still hadn’t found a masseur to replace Felipe. Four men were using the gazebo to work out in the partial sunshine, so at least it wasn’t sitting empty. Kyle paused at the end of the brick path leading from the yard. Just looking at the ocean calmed him, even on a gray day when the air hung heavy with moisture. He zipped his jacket, slipped both hands in his pockets, and ventured out onto the sand.

The tide was very low, so he started out by walking due west. A solitary trail of footprints marred the sand, but even early on a Friday afternoon, the beach was mostly deserted. A few yards from the tide line, he reached damp, packed sand and stopped. After only a moment, he grew restless and scanned the beach, trying to decide which way to go. To the south he didn’t see anyone, only a few gulls hunting for lunch. Obviously he was meant to head north. Kyle started walking, anticipation growing as he went. Ahead he saw an elderly couple walking hand in hand, two joggers with dogs, a handful of vague shapes farther, and someone building a massive sand structure.

Kyle’s heart rate increased even though he hadn’t walked far. The man working on the sand castle wasn’t tall, but even from a distance he looked well-built.

It might not be him.

As he neared, though, the man gradually became easier to see. It was him. Brandon Smith. Bran. Bran sounded friendlier, so it didn’t take long to make the adjustment. Bran must’ve seen him coming, because when Kyle was about ten feet away he looked up.

“Hi.” Bran gave him a quick once-over. Enough so Kyle knew he’d been checked out and found appealing, not enough to be obvious to anyone else.

“Hi.” Kyle found himself fighting the huge grin that wanted to take over his face. He was tempted to look Bran over but found he would rather look into his eyes. Clear blue eyes, like the blue crayon, a color he’d usually seen on blonds. Blue-eyed blonds had never been Kyle’s type, but he’d been turned down by a few of them just the same. “What are you doing?”

“Practicing.” Bran grinned and slowly tore his gaze away. He ran his hand around the side of a turret, smoothing it with a caress. When he was satisfied, he brushed the sand from his hands and stepped back. “I coach summer league baseball, and every year we enter the sand castle festival. This year, the damned thing isn’t going to collapse before the judging starts.”

Bran walked partway around the castle, inspecting the turret that stood taller than him and keeping Kyle in view. The move, and his stance, reminded Kyle of what he did for a living, but Kyle pushed the thought away. Bran bent at the waist to inspect something else, and the sight of his muscular ass and thighs made it easier to concentrate on the man instead of his occupation.

“You’re drying out up top.”

“Is that so?” Bran’s voice was thick with innuendo. It had also lowered on the question, giving Kyle the idea that he might have just heard Bran’s sex voice. It made him want to hear it again.

And why not? Why shouldn’t I get some from a man who trips my switches?

Thanks for reading! Before you go, leave a comment about a sand sculpture you’ve built and enter the Rafflecopter. If you’ve never built a sand castle, what would you build if you had a whole baseball team to help you? A traditional castle, or maybe a mermaid or a crab~or Spongebob?

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About Charley

Charley Descoteaux misspent a large chunk of her youth on the back of a Harley, meeting people and having adventures that sometimes pop up in her fiction. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area during a drought, and found her true home in the soggy Pacific Northwest. Charley has survived earthquakes, tornadoes and floods, but couldn’t make it through one day without stories.

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