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Hi guys! We have Jacqueline Grey popping in today with the tour for her new release Shoot The Moon, we have a brilliant guest post, a great excerpt and a fantastic $10 NineStar GC giveaway so check out the post and enter the giveaway! ❤️ ~Pixie~

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Shoot The Moon

(Suit of Harte’s 02)

Jacqueline Grey

All Adam Kern was looking for when his best friend dragged him to the club Harte was some good dancing and a little flirting to distract him from his troubles. He never anticipated meeting the club owner, Jesse Harte, and having a whole new world of experiences opened up to him. On an impulse, Adam follows Jesse to the upper, kinkier floors of the club where an informative tour ends in a steamy scene that both men are looking forward to repeating. The attraction between the two is scorching and over the next few weeks their adventures into kinky sex are nothing short of daring.

Adam loves the thrill of sex with Jesse but soon a gnawing fear sows doubt into his mind about the possibility of a relationship with the other man. Though he loves every moment he spends with Jesse, he fears what these sexual explorations may mean for him. Jesse is successful, an entrepreneur, and a well-known Dominant in the BDSM community, but Adam cannot see himself as a submissive. What sort of future could they have if he is unable to give his lover what he needs?

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Jacqueline Grey!

Thank you so much for having me here today and letting me share the re-release of Shoot the Moon, the second book in the Suit of Harte’s series.

As I was editing Shoot the Moon, I read over Adam’s inner thoughts and actions and thought someone is going to yell at him while they read this. I’m sure we’ve all yelled at fictional characters (whether in our heads or out loud) at some time or other. That frustrated “Just talk to him already!” or “If you would stop and think for a minute, you’d see that he likes you back!” We all know that without the miscommunication or conflict there wouldn’t be a story, but we can’t help yelling anyway. I think a part of us likes the yelling. Why else would we keep coming back for more?

In Shoot the Moon, Adam is filled with doubt and fear. When he thinks about Jesse and their relationship, he only sees what he believes to be the truth and doesn’t consider Jesse’s point of view. To do that he’d have to ask for Jesse’s opinion and listen to the answer.

Jesse isn’t free from blame either. He makes his own assumptions and acts accordingly. Neither of them take the time to meet in the middle or clear up their misunderstandings. They’re too caught up in their version of the events.

Despite how much we love to yell at fictional characters about the obvious answer to their problems, real life will often put us in similar situations. As human beings we get caught up in our emotions to the point where we cannot see the forest for the trees. I know I’ve liked someone but never told them because I was too afraid of the outcome. I even had a few people proclaim, “he totally likes you”, but I didn’t believe them. I sometimes wonder how many opportunities I’ve lost because of my fear. You have to take chances in life, right?

So even as we yell at the stories we read, perhaps we should take a lesson from them. When we find ourselves caught in a situation between taking a chance on love or shrinking from fear, we should step back and ask ourselves, “What would I think if I were seeing this from the outside?” Would a reader of our story say to “just tell them”? Who knows? We could be on the precipice of our romance novel conclusion. And if I’ve learned anything from the ones I’ve read, a moment like that requires a lot of courage, but it’s worth the risk in the end.

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Shoot the Moon, Jacqueline Grey © 2020, All Rights Reserved

“We’re going to Harte.”

Ash said this as if Adam would know what the hell he was talking about.


Ash waved the question away with a flick of his wrist and an expression that clearly said it didn’t matter. “You’ll know when we get there. Now, come on.” He linked their arms and half dragged Adam out the door.

On the taxi ride to wherever they were going, Adam tried to get more details, but all Ash would tell him was that Harte was a local nightclub.

“You didn’t let me get dressed.”

“Why do you think I lent you that shirt to begin with? You look fantastic. Trust me.”

The crowd outside the club wrapped around the side of the building and back again. Thankfully, it wasn’t too cold out, or they would have frozen solid before getting inside.

“Is this place always so crowded?” Adam asked as they took their place at the end of the line.

“Packed like sardines,” Ash confirmed. “Best place in the city for good drinks and dancing.”

A man in skintight leather pants and what Adam guessed was a harness walked by. “Varied crowd,” he said.

Ash spotted the man and did that wrist-flick thing again. “He’s headed around back for the upper floors.”

“The upper floors?”

“Yeah, the nightclub is only on the first floor. It’s got three dance floors, each with their own bar, and a backroom, which was most likely meant to be a bathroom but is usually otherwise occupied. Upstairs is the kinky stuff. From what I hear, Harte has the best dungeon in the city, and he’s known to be top-notch on safety. It’s pretty well-known despite being members only up there. The entrance to the second floor is in the back, though, because there’s a difference between exhibitionism and indecent exposure.”

“Huh.” Adam had never been to a kink club. Granted, they didn’t have plans to head upstairs, but this was the closest he’d ever been to one.

Eventually, they made it inside. With the beat of the music and the press of sweaty bodies grinding around him, it was easy for Adam to be distracted from thoughts of the upper floors. It wasn’t long before he’d lost Ash to the throng as well. His friend tended to sidle toward the nearest hot guy before passing him up for the next one on the dance floor. It gave him more exercise than the dancing itself. When he wanted a break, he’d pop up next to Adam as if finding someone in a crowd was the simplest thing to do.

Tonight, Ash’s method fit Adam’s mood. He scanned the floor for someone to dance with. It didn’t take him long to find what he was searching for.

The man was dancing alone and, apparently, without a care in the world. He seemed lost to the music, his body moving with enviable grace and confidence. He was lean with boyish good looks and the kind of face that would still look thirty when he was fifty-five. His light-brown hair was just long enough to be spiky, and though his clothes were casual, he dressed stylishly.

When the dancer turned his head, he caught Adam staring. A jolt ran through Adam, but he couldn’t look away. Even from a distance, the man’s pale eyes had him trapped, and Adam found himself moving through the crowd as if pulled by an invisible string. When he was close enough, he reached for a seductively swaying hip. The touch of a hand on the back of his neck encouraged him to move even closer.

They moved together for a while, sliding their bodies against each other but in no hurry to make it anything more than dancing. They simply let the pleasure of touch build on itself. The feel of his partner’s body against his was electric.

Adam was about to ask if they should find the “bathroom” when the man asked, “Care to go upstairs?”

Adam hesitated. “Isn’t it members only?” He figured that was a simple way to change the subject without having to turn the guy down.

“I can bring a guest if I want to.”

There went his easiest excuse. His reluctance must have shown on his face because the man asked, “Not your thing?”

“Not really,” Adam admitted.

“Ah” was the only reply, but Adam heard the disappointment in the word.


“It’s okay.”

Truthfully, Adam had never given kink much thought. He’d heard about it, read a little online, but he’d never considered putting what he’d read into practice.

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About Jacqueline!

Jacqueline Grey currently lives on an island on the east coast of the United States. She spends her time outside her day job juggling her many interests which include reading, writing and drinking tea. She loves M/M romance, usually focusing on stories that include BDSM themes to one degree or another.

Jacqueline has always been driven by characters. She loves a good plot, but it’s the characters that pull her into a story. She loves romance and believes everyone has a right to be happy. She enjoys seeing her characters find that happiness for themselves.

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