Silent One by Kari Jo Spear

Title: Silent One

Author: Kari Jo Spear

Genre: Science Fiction, Young Adult

Length: Novel (198pgs)

Publisher: Prizm (Torquere Press) (13th June 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Gareth’s life is violent, frightening, and lonely. Abandoned by his parents and left to a series of harsh foster homes, he becomes as tough as the scar on his cheek. Death and destruction follow him. Sometimes, it actually seems like people are trying to kill him. By the time Gareth is in high school, friends are a luxury he can do without.

But deep inside, Gareth is tender, compassionate, and very gay. The only living soul Gareth lets into his heart is a silent young man who keeps saving his life. Every time Gareth gets a good look at his guardian, the man mysteriously vanishes. Does he even exist? Gareth isn’t sure, until the day at school when his world implodes. Teachers suddenly know way more about him than they should. His secret guardian lies wounded on the darkroom floor. Before Gareth knows it, he and his guardian are on the run. Not only is Gareth more important than he ever dreamed, but the future of an entire planet depends on him. It’s going to take all the courage and love Gareth has to face his destiny.

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Review: Gareth is eighteen and has had a rough life. He soon learns that nothing is quite as it seems and there is nothing he can do about it, no matter how much he wishes otherwise. Gareth also has a guardian and he was never quite sure if he was really real. But, now he is lying bleeding in front of him and Gareth is called on to help him escape. But, he finds out a startling truth and finds himself running for his life to a time and place he never imagined.

This is an excellent combination of science fiction, young adult and romance. Gareth really has been through the mill throughout his life and at odd occasions there has been the appearance of his savior. Always there when he needs him most. But, as things start to emerge, Gareth must help his savior, Aranth and they must both get to safety before those who are after them catch up. Aranth is Gareth’s protector and until Gareth was old enough he kept his distance. But, now they have to get Gareth home so he can take up his rightful position, but the way is fraught with danger, double-dealing, doubts and suspicions.

This is a wonderfully written story that is quite fast paced and suspense filled, with dramatic about faces, startling betrayal and a thread of love woven throughout. Gareth and Aranth are two young men who are drawn to each other, but with everything that is going on and the actions that have to be taken it is a complex relationship that might be doomed to fail. The characters are well-rounded and the storyline fast paced. It keeps you gripped, as you find out more and more information about the truth of what Gareth is and where he comes from. And the reasons why he is running for his life will send a shiver down your spine at the callousness of humans of the future.

Aranth is a great character and you love him more as the story unfolds. Although, at one point there is some serious cursing of his name and wanting to throttle him (but don’t let that put you off). Gareth is very level-headed and not even really all that bitter about his past, but it is his future that scares him as he realizes the full extent of what is expected of him. A truly great young adult story that is very enjoyable. I have to say that the ending, no sorry, the entire book left me wanting more from these characters and this new world, to see how they grow and progress in a world that has to make changes.

So, if you love Young Adult stories, science fiction, some contemporary thrown in, action, danger, young love, betrayal, intrigue, political agendas and a happy ending that leaves you wanting more, then this is the book for you.