Something Like Autumn by Jay Bell

17975600Title:  Something Like Autumn

Series:  Season Series # 3

Author:  Jay Bell

Genre:   Young Adult

Length:  Novel (404 Pages)

Publisher:  Jay Bell Books (May 31st. 2013)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   Love can appear unexpectedly: a chance meeting at a friend’s wedding, the arrival of a handsome new co-worker… or while being robbed at a convenience store.

For some, love seems an impossible dream. Growing up gay in small-town Missouri, Jace Holden thought his chance would never come. When he meets Victor—a wild soul and fellow outsider—his chances of finding love go from bleak to a very uncertain maybe. Bracing his heart, Jace chases after his desire, hoping for a warm hand to hold his tight.

Something Like Autumn tells the story of Jace’s life before the events of Something Like Summer, while also revisiting his time with Benjamin Bentley.

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Reviewer:   John

Review:  If you ever have to read a novel before you die, it will be this precious little gem here. Something Like Autumn is the story of Jace Holden before the events of Something Like Summer. And let me tell you that I fell in love with him in that novel, but now, I’m completely and madly in love with him with this one.

Jace Holden had it all. He was good-looking, had loving parents, the perfect sister and a cool down-to-earth best friend. What was missing from his life? Somebody to love. There was a part of him that believe that he would never find the love of his life since gay people were not allowed to live happily ever after. Little did he know.

After a failed suicide attempt, he meets Victor, the first love of his live. Now, I didn’t like Victor at first. He seemed so care free and didn’t have his head glued on properly to his shoulders, but I completely saw why he was so important in Jace’s life. He taught Jace several valuable lessons that turned him into the man we see in Something Like Summer. His role was very significant and I fell for him towards the end, but I also knew, he had to go.

I don’t want to give the plot away, but I must tell you that there were several teary moments in this book. And at the end, I stopped myself and cried. This is one of the only three novels that have ever made me cry. This novel is just so sad, yet I couldn’t stop myself from reading. Each page is page jerker that leaves you wanting more. By the end of this novel, this novel had become one of my favorite novels of all time. Jace Holden was a remarkable man and as Allison said…a saint.

I cannot recommend this novel enough. Yes, it is very sad and lengthy, but trust me, it’s worth the read. Getting to know Jace and who he was before the events of Something Like Summer was a remarkable experience. A job well-done Mr. Jay Bell! You are truly one of the best story tellers of all times. I beg you; please bring Jace back in Something Like Spring. I know you can’t, but I had to try. Team Jace Forever and Always!

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