A Family Found by Nicole Dennis

Title: A Family Found

Series: Hamilton River 01

Author: Nicole Dennis

Genre: Contemporary, Family

Length: Novel (258pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (21st January 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: A promising baseball star gives it all up to raise his sister’s son. A millionaire at odds with his family searches for his own son and finds more than he thought possible.

A promising baseball star, Dimitri Michelakakis, left it all behind when his troubled sister called, begging him to raise her baby boy. Now a chef and a single father, he runs the successful catering arm of local bistro, Terra Verde. Dimitri never suspected that one of his catering jobs would lead him to a new love.

Since receiving a note about his son’s birth, millionaire Mason Harrison has done everything he can to find the baby and the man who raised him as his own. Could finding his son mean finding the family Mason has always longed for?

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Review: Dimitri gave everything up to help his sister out, even raising her child and adopting him. He makes a new life for himself and Theo in Hamilton River and they are both very happy. Mason has been looking for his son and the man who has raised him and has finally found them.   At first, he just wants to know them, but then he puts a proposition to Dimitri that he hopes won’t be turned down.

This is a lovely family story that has a lot of child interaction that adds to the story. Mason has finally found his son, he has had Dimitri investigated and can find nothing wrong so doesn’t want to take Theo away from him.  he tricks Dimitri into meeting him and bringing Theo along so he can meet him, he eventually explains and offers a proposition to Dimitri. Dimitri is shocked and scared; he can’t lose his beloved Theo he decides that he needs time to think but agrees that Mason has a right to get to know Theo.

These characters were brilliant and I absolutely loved Theo and Moru (his little bear). I really enjoyed this story even though it did have a Harlequin and Mills & Boon feel to it. Actually, if I am honest I loved the plot and story-line.  I loved that Dimitri made Mason wait and they got to know each other.  I loved how involved Theo and Moru were in the story.  I loved Sherlock and Watson as well.  what I didn’t love was that there was a bit too much in the way of descriptions and details sometimes and it took my attention away from the story.

The story was well written and the characters took their time with the relationship.  Yes, the attraction was there from the start, but Dimitri finding out the truth about Mason made him think long and hard about getting involved with him.  it was nice that they spent time together as a family before the relationship got off the ground. The sex between them is hot and sensual and they make a great couple.

So this one I will recommend to those who love family stories, cute little boys, a sexy chef, a handsome millionaire, hot sex and a great story line.

Moving Forward by Lisa Marie Davis

Title:  Moving Forward

Sequel to:   Dreams Come True

Author:  Lisa Marie Davis

Genre:  Contemporary

Length:  Novella

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press (September 21, 2011)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb:  Three years after making their dreams come true, James and Payne are happily committed and living in New York. But just as they’re about to embark on a special weekend, their world turns upside down when Jamie’s mother calls to say that his sister and her husband have been killed in a horrific accident.

Helping Jamie’s mother with funeral plans and adjusting to the reality that they are now the legal guardians of Jamie’s three-month-old niece would be hard enough, but Payne and Jamie must also deal with Jamie’s alcoholic father, Russ. If Payne and Jamie want to move forward as a family, they’ll have to learn to deal with old pain, fresh grief, and new responsibilities.

Reviewer:  Astrid

Review:  Sequels can be tricky beasts. Can they be read as a standalone? Will the author have to dedicate a third of the book to rehashing the first book so a new reader has a clue what’s going on? And for those of us who did read the previous book…will we remember the finer points? This can be frustrating for a reader. With Moving Forward, Lisa Marie Davis made it as simple as ABC – genius! Whether you’ve read the previous story or not (I recommend you read it – ‘cause it’s wonderful), you are given a concise history that isn’t jarring and are immediately immersed into the present story.

Two beloved characters, Payne & Jamie, are back and its three years later. They are happily married and looking forward to a long weekend when tragedy strikes. Jamie and Payne are grief-stricken but their devotion to one another gives them the strength to face the nightmare, which includes a confrontation with Jamie’s father Russ aka – alcoholic, homophobe extraordinaire.

This novella packed an emotional punch, had a development I didn’t expect but welcomed (I’m not telling), and hopefully (pretty please) is the groundwork for a third i

When Memory Fails by D. W. Marchwell

Title: When Memory Fails

Sequel to:  Falling by D. W. Marchwell        

Author: D.W. Marchwell

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥ 4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb:  It’s been two years since Hank Ballam and Scott Alan fell in love, moved in together, and started building their life. Hank has kept his promise to his boss—and Scott’s brother—Brian, proving he can be both his adrenaline-seeking self and a good worker. While Hank enjoys being Brian’s right-hand man, nothing gives him more pleasure than going home to Scott every night. But then a major announcement gets Hank thinking about the family he left behind, and he wonders if there is any hope of including them in his new life with Scott.

Seeing Hank’s turmoil, Scott quietly reaches out to his lover’s family—without telling Hank. Scott is overjoyed when Hank’s sister seems receptive, but the reunion doesn’t go as planned, leaving Scott to wonder if he’s unleashed a series of events that might take Hank from him forever.

Review:  This is a beautifully written story which is about Hank and Scott and is two years after the end of Falling. When they receive happy news it gets Hank thinking about his own family and how he wants to reconnect but doesn’t think they will approve of Scott, Scott knows that Hank has been thinking more and more about his own family and decides to do something about it. What we see after that is that their love is deeper and stronger than ever before, that they will never let each other down and that they will always put the other first no matter what.

The sex scenes are loving, intense and experimental; these two men really know how to burn up the sheets. There is happiness, there is sadness, there are doubts but most of all there is love.

So I think this story has a bit of everything in it to make it worth your while to read and most of all it has a Happy Ever After.