Lets Support Eric Arvin & T.J. Klune in their time of need.

Eric Arvin & T.J. Klune

Many of us woke up this morning to discover that Eric Arvin was a lot more poorly than was first thought, family and friends are pulling together to support both Eric & Tj and authors & readers across the MM genre are doing what they can to gather more support as it looks like a lengthily hospital stay.

Eric Arvin & Tj Klune need our support today, so instead of buying my usual stack of books I am donating my book pennies to Eric & Tj so they have less to worry about and can concentrate on each other.  If you can donate then please do, even if it is just the price of a book every penny counts.

Eric & Tj meet

We have watched Eric & Tj over the last couple of years as these two great authors flirted on Facebook, met at GLR 2012, fell in love, moved in together, entertained us and finally at GLR 2013 they got engaged.

So lets show these guys how much we love them!




Eric & Tj GRLMessage on Facebook from Tj. Klune: Eric will have to be in the hospital for a while. Surgery is most likely on his brain stem. We are waiting for his previous scans to be sent to compare to the ones we had last night.

I am sad and scared and tired, but I remember it is all worth it when he opens his eyes and smiles at me.

He is comfortable now, and he just went to sleep while I played him some music next to his bed.

Keep your posts coming to him because I read them all to him he loves that you guys are doing your music lists for him too.

Thank you!

So boys & girls lets help these two wonderful men as best we can whether it’s pennies or well wishes every thought counts.

You can donate here: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-eric-arvin/116877

or leave messages of love & support on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eric.arvin.5?fref=ts & https://www.facebook.com/tjklunebooks?fref=ts 

The thoughts of all the MMGBR team are with Eric & Tj.

Portia, Pixie & the minions!