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Hi guys, we have Bronwyn Heeley stopping by with her brand new release Taking A Stand, we have a great excerpt and a brilliant giveaway so enjoy the post and click that giveaway link <3 ~Pixie~

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Taking A Stand

(An Alpha’s World 01)

Bronwyn Heeley

One Werewolf. One Vampire. One night.

Dem lives in a world ruled by two things: the moon and his alpha. Something inside of him has always yearned for more, and a chance encounter with a vampire helps Dem realise what he craves. Now that Dem knows what he wants, is he strong enough to reach out and take it?

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A hand gripped Dem from behind, slamming him into the brick wall in front of him. The edges scrapped at his whiskers, sparks he’d later deny scattered across his skin, making it tingle.

Dem snarled at the beast pressing him against the wall from behind, holding him against his will. There was no way he’d let one mangy little vampire keep him down. Not in this life. He resisted, even as his cock decided this was the place it wanted to be and his balls threatened to rebel if he let the hotness get away before they were emptied.

“You think I’m impressed, little wolf?” He fucking purred. The sound shifted as the heat and hardness of the vampire’s body pushed closer.

Snarling again, Dem pushed back. Wanting the body off him, wanting off the wall, wanting to rub against the hardness digging into his denim covered arse.

He tensed as liquid heat pulsed though him, making his mouth water and his bones ache. It had been a long time since he’d been fucked, even longer since he’d lost control of his power while it was happening.

His fingers gripped the wall, breaking the skin as it scraped against the sharp edges. Wanting to get him off, Dem pushed himself away from the wall and into the vampire.

The wording made him pause. He wanted to get the vampire off him. That’s what he wanted, what he meant, not get him off.

He felt his hips shifting. Losing himself in the minute roll of the vampire’s size rubbing against his arse crack.

Dem swallowed hard, trying to force his hips to stop moving, hoping the bastard behind him didn’t notice his response.

He heard a chuckle: dark, evil, and knowing.

Dem snapped.

Using the strength he’d been ignoring because of the lust pulsing through him, Dem lifted one knee, pressing it against the wall. He threw himself backwards, gaining the upper hand.

They crashed into the wall on the other side of the narrow walkway and the vampire grunted. The sound pleased Dem, made him smile, turned his lips and teeth into more of a snarl.

An arm snaked up from under Dem’s pit, quickly and without notice, fingers digging into his throat, nails sliced in, sharp and deadly. Teeth scrapped the back of his neck, catching his hair and pulling, as Dem shifted forward. Pushed into the simple act of domination, he growled as he hit the wall behind him, the vamp’s legs and thick thighs bracketing him.

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Bronwyn Heeley - Taking A Stand Cover s


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