The Egyptian Slave by Alcamia Payne

Title: The Egyptian Slave

Author: Alcamia Payne

Publisher: Xcite Books (January 30, 2011)

ISBN: ISBN: 9781908086402

Genre: Historical (ancient Egypt)

Length: 5000 words

Heat level: Moderate

My Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3 1/2Hearts

Reviewer: Artemis

From the Publisher:  Mem, favorite of the pharaoh, has one problem; he seems to have lost his mojo. One day, he gives in to impetuosity and buys a new slave girl, Toomela at the slave market. For some reason boyish Toomela excites Mem, but he can’t think why, especially since she seems to irritate him. However, when Mem decides to indulge himself with the girl he gets more than he bargains for, as Toomela exposes her dark and erotic soul and turns out to be a boy. It seems at last, Mem has found the answer to all of his sexual fantasies.

About the Author:  I can’t imagine not being an author, since I grew up around books and come from a long line of self-confessed book addicts. I actually started writing the moment I could pick up a pen and quickly won numerous small competitions for creative writing which involved flights of fancy and fantasy. After university I did a number of stimulating jobs in translating, medicine, teaching and later as a metaphysician. Always though, I was the frustrated writer and spent all of my spare time scribbling away. I eventually gave vent to my creative passions by writing for the romance and science fiction markets.

My Review:  This was my first experience with a short story so I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of character development and plot. The premise of the story is simple…Mem (a very important man in this ancient Egyptian society) is in an extremely bad mood because he has lost all interest in sex. As a very virile, handsome, and important member of society he USED to bed every slave girl possible but none of them stir his passions at all anymore. He seeks the council of the Pharaoh, physicians, astrologers and the great seer Oba. Mem doesn’t understand why the little slave girl Toomela seems to stir such interest in him. She has no hips, no girlish figure, and is rather impudent!

When Mem decides that Toomela needs a little bit of training on how to be an obedient slave girl, his libido comes back in full force. A little bit of time helping him bath and relax with a massage has Mem ready to believe that his problem is solved. Toomela keeps it hidden quite a while into their sex play before it is finally revealed that SHE is actually a HE and Mem is thrilled with the discovery!

This is a very short story so there really isn’t enough time to develop a plot but the characters are quite enjoyable and the writing is descriptive. I could definitely see a longer story based on this one with some sort of plot twist to liven it up a bit.

There is some light dominant/submissive play and despite the short acquaintance that Mem and Toomela have there seems to be some genuine caring and tender feelings between the two in the end. Overall a very quick read (19 page…under 30 minutes of reading time) but an enjoyable one.

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