The Immoral Use of Rubber by Kiernan Kelly

18518351Title: The Immoral Use of Rubber

Author: Kiernan Kelly

Genre: Historical Romance (WWII)

Length: Short Story (22 pages)

Publisher: Torquere Press (September 18th 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: The year is 1943, and Colin knows society and his family fully expects him to get married, but he is not as enthusiastic as everyone else is over the prospect of settling down. In fact, the very idea of bedding a wife makes him physically ill, so he’s overjoyed when he received his draft notice. It will give him at least a temporary reprieve from the altar.  

At boot camp, he meets Jake, a big Texan with a warm smile and a hot, wet mouth. They hit it off immediately, and as they share stolen moments together wherever they can, their feelings for one another deepen.

Soon enough, though, cold reality sets in when the horrors of war threaten to tear their lives, and hearts, apart on a bullet-strewn beach in Normandy.

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Review: Well damn! What an awesome little short. It nearly made me cry too.

This is a historical romance set in the 40’s and follows Colin, a young man who is trying to avoid getting married to a girl by joining the army. He has no idea what he’s signed himself for, but he knows one thing. The idea of marrying a woman is repulsive.

So he sets to boot camp and basic training getting acclimated to new level of Hell on Earth and as in by accident meeting Jake.

I say as in by accident because it was so when they both ended in the showers alone after some chore or other and realized they got the hots for each other.

At this point, I feel the need to say how much I loved the introduction of this couple. I loved the way this author made proper use of her limited space to not only give us the idea of how and when and what with this couple, but also managed to convey the feeling, enwrap us with them while not overwhelming us with useless details. We get to see the bond between these two, we get to see the dangers looming and not only because of the impending war (they are still in training thus not on the battlefield yet) and we get to see that they intend to pursue a future.

But life is not easy. War is not a joke. Luck was not with them all the way. Their first battle was the one on Normandy, France. One of the bloodiest battles to come, one every single man who survived it would forever remember.

And all the gay drama of the young man trying to escape marriage, along with the fun and games of boot camp, everything took a turn here with a swift twist and became heavy with feeling, choking you up – in the good way – and even claiming a tear or two.

I did not think this book would be the romance it turned out to be. It was near brilliant for the length and space and quality. I’m awfully happy that the last book of the Charity Event ended up to be the best of them yet.

Recommended? Without a doubt!


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