The Last Chance Ranch by D. G. Parker

Title: The Last Chance Ranch

Author: D.G. Parker

Genre: Western/Historical (1863 roughly)/Kink

Length: Novella (188pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (22nd June 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: In the rough desert country of New Mexico, Ben Johnson runs a horse ranch called the Bar J. More than a business, the ranch is home to a collection of drifters, gamblers, drunks, and gunslingers, all of whom have found a second chance at life. What’s more, the ranch is a haven for men who prefer the company of other men, like Ben himself.


He and his young lover, Obie, deal with the everyday running of the Bar J and try to keep their ranch hands out of trouble. But when the arrival of strangers brings threats from without and within, Obie and Ben find out who their friends truly are and whether the strength of their love can see them through.

Caution: Some language may cause offence, but is correct for the time period.

Review: This blurb does not give you a full over view of this book, this book is so much more than this simple blurb tells you.

This book is from the POV of Temper Free a black man who was born free and has an unquenchable wanderlust and Obie, the ranch owner’s lover.   The POV is switched back and forth smoothly so it doesn’t interrupt the story or confuse you.   It also means that you get a well-rounded idea of the ranch, the town and the people.

What we have in this book is a story of strangers coming together as family and supporting each other.   We see Temper and Larry (a mute ranch hand) develop an easy sweet friendship that becomes more. Now I can’t say too much as it will give the plot away but when tragedy strikes and they lose a beloved character it all starts falling apart for the men on Bar J as Ben is overcome with grief and he pushes even Obie away and their relationship is on the brink of ruin. And just when things start to even out, disaster strikes again from an enemy but this time they find out who their true friends are.

This is one of the best westerns that I have ever read.   The setting is perfect and the characters are brilliant. The range of emotions that it pulls from you is incredible.   I think I felt everything from anger to fear and hope to grief. The story line is brilliant and doesn’t lag. You end up empathizing with the characters and rooting for them and yes, you also want to go and kick some enemy’s butt.

So what do I say…I say if you love Cowboys, historical, hot sex, danger, drama, angst and an incredible compelling story… well this is it.




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