The Six Year Itch bt Neil Plakcy

Title: The Six Year Itch

Series: Got 15 Minutes? (Various Authors)

Author: Neil Plakcy

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short Story (57pgs)

Publisher: MLR Press (July 2011)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Spencer and Armando have built themselves a beautiful world– a two-story apartment atop a building they own on South Beach, full of sensual domesticity. But is that enough to keep them together, when things start getting stale, and they begin keeping secrets from each other? Can their love survive the handsome men and daring distractions of South Beach?

Review: I really liked this book as the two main characters are not in the first blush of love, but have been together for 6yrs.

Spencer and Armando are in a rut; Spencer especially is feeling it and is becoming more despondent about their love life.   For although the connection is there and the tenderness is apparent, there is no passion and it has become routine and predictable.   He’s also noticed that Armando is hiding something from him and he fears the worst.  Spencer is also keeping a secret and his eye is beginning to rove.  Armando is quite happy with his relationship, he knows he’s not as passionate as Spencer, he also knows that he controls their love-making and is satisfied with that, but now he has to keep a secret from Spencer.

I liked seeing these two men sort out their problems and being truly honest with each other as they both realize that they have taken each other for granted.  I also liked the fact that they were complete opposites with Spencer being the out-going, passionate and a bit of a drama queen and Armando being dignified, reserved and a bit staid, but, they complemented each other well. I think this is a cute little read that should be on everyone’s ‘to read’ list.


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