The Tall Texan by Kelly Conrad

Title: The Tall Texan

Author: Kelly Conrad

Publisher:  Siren

Genre:  Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys, MMM/F, Historical ( set in Texas, 1871)

Length:  Novel

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand

Heat Level:  Explicit

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

Reviewer:  Pixie

Blurb #1: ( Storm Benedict was injured in a mine explosion when he was very young and wandered away from town dazed and disoriented. Ten years later, he returns a big, handsome, rough-talking, big-as-a-mountain cowboy who has inherited a ranching empire.

After learning of Storm’s inheritance, the town fathers attack the ranch and refuse to let it go until Storm gets married, so he sends for a mail-order bride.

Saul Denis is a city slicker from the east with a secret desire to become a cowboy, but he doesn’t have the money to travel west until his sister Sable receives a proposal from a big, good-looking cowboy with a sexy grin. Saul swipes the letter, making a deal with Sable to go in her place. When he meets Storm, he is overwhelmed, quickly falling in love with the big cowboy. Soon, Storm reunites with an old drifter friend, Curt Sanders, and sparks fly between all three men.

Will Storm’s passion for a drifter and a city slicker be the end of his empire, or will the three men stay together and fight for their love?


Blurb #2: (Kelly This long, tall, Texan is fightin’ and lovin’ his way across the pages of Kelly Conrad’s book, and into the hearts of every reader! Even though he don’t have a lot of schoolin’ he knows a liar and a cheat when he sees one. With his hands on his gun, and right on his side, he partners up with a drifter and a city slicker and puts his brand on a ranch called South Wind.

He thinks he’s got his hands full with the town fathers trying to cheat him out of his inheritance, but when he meets Sable Denis, his mail order bride, she falls in love with him, and thinks he likes men because of “something in the water.”

Read the Tall Texan, and see how Storm finally defeats the town fathers, and his hellcat of a mail order bride.

Review: If you read the blurb from then you will be disappointed with this book as it isn’t as the blurb described but if you read the blurb from Kelly then you get just what is says on the tin.

If you want a decent story line then this has it.  The town fathers will do anything to keep hold of South Wind, no matter what it takes. Seeing the town fathers plotting to take Storm’s ranch makes you want to hog-tie the lot of them and let the Sheriff deal with them. The length’s that Storm will go to, to keep his ranch knows no bounds.

I liked the story line although it would have been nice if we could have known a little about what happened to Storm for the ten years that he was missing, although he doesn’t remember any of that time. It was good to know that the Sheriff was on Storm’s side and did everything in his power to help Storm, even helping to deal with his hellcat of a mail- order bride.

Sable Denis, Saul’s sister and the mail order bride, is a strong willed woman who wants her own way but with Storm she finds an even stronger willed male, who refuses to bend to her will. The sparks fly off these two characters first with lust then with dislike and it was interesting to read how these two clashed.

Saul Denis is trapped with his mother controlling the purse strings and takes the ticket to become a cowboy; he falls in love with Storm very quickly.  Curt Sanders is a drifter who knew Storm from before the accident, the two hit it off and then the clothes hit the floor.

If you want steaming hot m/f sex it’s here, there’s hot m/m and even some m/m/f (if you can discount that 2 males didn’t realize that the 3rd male left and was then replaced with a female) but sadly only one m/m/m scene.

If you want romance or to be able to follow what’s going on in the complex relationship between these 3 men then you won’t find it here.   There is little interaction in the book between Saul and Curt.  For that matter, there really isn’t that much between Saul and Storm either, but somehow they all come together in the end.

I would recommend this book if you just want hot sex as there is quite a bit of it and it is scorching in places, the main story is quite good but the relationship, romance and love is lacking.

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2 thoughts on “The Tall Texan by Kelly Conrad


    (August 14, 2011 - 4:30 am)

    Sounds interesting – can you tell me what time period it’s set in?


    (August 14, 2011 - 4:55 am)

    The book is set in Texas and the year 1871.

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