The Thirteen Child by

Title: The Thirteenth Child

Author: J.L. O’Faolain

Publishers: Dreamspinner Press

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, M/M

Rating:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Heat rating:  Moderate

Length: Novel

Reviewer:  Pixie


Blurb: Immortal sidhe Tuulois MacColewyn is living rough. After nearly two centuries of life as one of Faerie Queen Titania’s prized wolves and a handful of years as a Roaring Twenties mob boss’s favorite enforcer, he’s now exiled to New York, making rent doing dirty jobs for other fey outcasts. He used to consult on the occult for Detective James Corhagen at the NYPD, but since their highly combustible friendship burned itself out a year ago, Cole hasn’t heard from him.


All that changes when Corhagen summons Cole right out of his shower and into the middle of a crime scene.  The NYPD is facing a rash of messy black-magic murders, complete with exploding hearts and very little forensic evidence, not to mention the sinister disappearance of several half-fey children. However hard he tries to deny it—and his inconvenient attraction to the sidhe—Corhagen needs Cole’s help. A persistent police inspector rounds out the team, but when their investigation comes too close to the truth, suddenly it’s their lives on the line. With a powerful killer on the loose, Cole, James, and Inspector Vallimun must race against time to stop the monster out to claim the thirteenth child.

Review: What can I say about this book except LOVED IT.?  Cute Pixies, misunderstood Goblins, a Little Red Riding Hood with a basket full of weapons and a Troll with a cold and those are kinda like the Good guys? The opening scene shows you that this is not your usual paranormal fantasy where humans are sacred and the supernaturals have to take what they dish out. This book has its dark part’s, it’s ‘Oh riggghhhttt’ parts and is humorous most of the way through.

Tuulois ‘Cole’ MacColewyn survives by doing jobs for other supernaturals; he tries to protect those that are like family to him.  James Corhagen is a detective just doing his job and living so far back in the closet that Narnia should ask him to become a citizen.  Inspector Joss Vallimun seems to be a stick in the mud and you don’t really get to know much about him really, but everything may not be as so straight forward as it seems with him.

This book is not a happy ever after. Cole and James don’t go skipping off into the sunset holding hands and James doesn’t realize suddenly that the closet is cold and lonely.  We do find out, however, that there may be another love interest for Cole.


The story is brilliant and slightly twisted it has you trying to figure out what happens next and you’d be wrong.   There aren’t many sex scenes but the story more than makes up for it and we actually get to know the characters pretty well.  When I finished the book I moaned ‘noooo you can’t just stop there’.   So I truly believe this author is pure evil incarnate because I want to read the second book NOW and it’s not published yet.


I really can see this author being a huge hit because the way he has written this you know there will be a series (I’ve heard 13 books) and hopefully a prequel where Cole and James meet. (J.L. O’Faolain if you read this hint hint).

So, I recommend that you all run out and buy this book, if you haven’t already, ‘cuz really, what’s wrong with you all… it’s brilliant.  If you want insta love, tons of sex and romance poring off the pages then this isn’t for you.  If you want a real story line, in-depth characters and the promise of more to come then what are you waiting for, go get it.



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