Tuareg by Sarah Black

Title: Tuareg

Author: Sarah Black

Genre: Multicultural/Mystery

Length: Novella (150pgs)

Publisher: Loose Id (28th June 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: When photographer Leon Davis takes a job tracking down the nearly-extinct Zanzibar leopard, he isn’t expecting to fall in love with the mysterious and sexy Tuareg tribal leader, Ibrahim Ag Akhamok. Ibrahim has his own secrets, and he knows more than he lets on about the leopard. And what about Piers, the murdered photographer that Leon replaced? Until Leon discovers what Piers was doing in Zanzibar, and who killed him, he can’t face his own demons — and he can’t earn the love of the powerful and dangerous Tuareg.


This book has a lot more going for it than what the blurb explains.

Leon is a photographer for the Wilderness Coalition for Africa who takes over a shoot when the previous photographer (Piers) is found dead.   He is also asked to find out more about the mystery of that death and the leopard in the final photos sent by Piers. Ibrahim is the ‘sheik’, the Tuareg leader, and will do anything to protect his family.  He is suspicious of Leon, at first, thinking that he might be the same as Piers but Leon somehow manages to get under his skin.

Leon seems like quite a submissive kind of fellow, going with the flow and trying to smooth things along but get him riled up and God help you.   He also has great sorrow and guilt in his past which he is still living with and you can see how being on Zanzibar and mixing with its people seem to cleanse him. Ibrahim is a take charge, fierce and protective type of man who expects total loyalty and you can see why when you discover his secrets. These two will make you fall in love with Zanzibar and its people. I really liked all the secondary characters (except Peter) and found that they did play a very solid thread through-out the story and I found the mystery surrounding Piers death intriguing.

I will recommend this to anyone who likes mysteries, hot men, hot sex and exotic locations.

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