A Ghost Story by J. P. Bowie

Title: A Ghost Story

Author: J.P. Bowie

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novel (117pgs)

Publisher: Total E-Bound (9th January 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Past and present exist side by side as the ghost of a young poet seeks to protect the family living in the house he haunts.

Robert ‘Robbie’ Clavell, a young Victorian poet, is murdered by a jealous competitor. But, his murderer, not content with ending Robbie’s life, also invokes an ancient curse that forces his spirit to remain earthbound.

When Jamie Barrett, a dancer in London’s West End, receives a phone call from his mother telling him of strange knocking noises and furniture moving about, he travels home to Manchester to investigate and give support to his mother and his twelve year old niece, Laura.

Advised to contact a psychic for help, Jamie meets Kevin Singleton, and despite the seriousness of what they discover, the two men find a mutual attraction. Kevin explains to Jamie and his mother that their recent family tragedies had opened a portal allowing base spirits to enter and feed off of Laura’s youthful and vibrant energy.

Kevin is able to make a psychic connection with Robbie who tells him that George Russell, his murderer, is the one responsible for the upheaval in the Barrett household. But when Robbie tries to help Kevin exorcise Russell’s spirit, Russell summons up an even darker force – one that could not only destroy the house and everyone in it, but ensure Robbie’s spirit will never find his way home.

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Review: Jamie gets a phone from his mum and he rushes home to Manchester to get to the bottom of what is scaring his mum. Kevin gets called by Jamie to come and investigate the noises and the two men get close as he investigates.

This is a well written ghost story. Jamie wants to help his mum, but even when he sees it with his own eyes he still finds it hard to believe. So, when the police advise him to contact someone who deals with psychic phenomena, he decides to give it a go, still not really believing. Kevin is interested in the case, but after a while begins to think he has bitten off more than he can chew. But, with the help of Jamie to make him stronger, they just might do it.

There is instant attraction when Kevin and Jamie first meet and their relationship progresses quickly when they go to the pub for a drink and after to Kevin’s flat where the sex is really hot. The story is really good, as we have flashes to Robbie’s time and what happened to him, we also have a flash back to Kevin’s childhood as he explains his background and his connection to ghosts. The characters are really good together and seem to be well suited. I liked how they were with each other and that there was give and take between them.

I will recommend this to those who love ghost stories, hot sex, laying spirits to rest and an interesting love story.


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  1. This sounds like a really great story and I love the different plot twists mentioned in the review. It seems different than a lot of what’s out there and possibly a fresh new idea.

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