A Grimoire for the Baron by Augusta Li & Eon De Beaumont

Title: A Grimoire for the Baron

Series: Steamcraft and Sorcery 02

Author: Augusta Li & Eon De Beaumont

Genre: Steampunk, Fantasy, M/M/M

Length: Super Novel (354pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (12th October 2012)

Heat: Explicit

Heart: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Former archivist Reg Whitney, expert thief Querry Knotte, and the clockwork boy known as Frolic are fugitives from Halcyon living on a small island. While Reg is content to lead a safe and settled life, there is trouble in paradise: Querry is bored, and Frolic can’t help but ponder his own existence.

When Querry and Frolic get caught breaking into Baron Starling’s villa, all three men are bamboozled into accompanying the baron on a quest for arcane knowledge. But their jungle destination holds more danger than anyone on the expedition expects.

Reg knows their crew is made up of criminals—the kind who can’t be trusted—which puts a strain on the trio. He’s certain the baron and the mercenary Jean-Andre are hiding something that puts them all in danger. Querry and the baron grow close, leaving Reg and Frolic feeling alienated. Frolic’s friendship with a fey servant just strains the trio’s dynamic further. Even if Reg, Querry, and Frolic survive the quest, their relationship will never be the same.

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Review: This story is part of a series and I recommend they are read in order. Reg, Querry and Frolic are settled in a port town in Thalacea, but Querry still needs the excitement of using his skills. Unfortunately, his confidence in his skills leads himself and Frolic into a trap. Reg, Querry and Frolic end up on a journey with Baron Starling which has a mysterious destination and a dangerous path, never knowing just who to trust and the strain it puts on their relationship.

Querry, Querry, Querry *shakes head* oh what a life you lead, your arrogance really dropped you in it this time. Reg is happy with his life after having to flee Halcyon with Querry and Frolic, but he finds that Querry needs the excitement of using his skills and Frolic wants to join in the fun. Now Querry and Frolic are trapped in a magical contract after being caught, and Reg swears to join them on their quest, it is a journey that will test their faith and love and push them to the end of their endurance.

This is an excellent new adventure for our favorite Steampunk characters; Querry, Reg and Frolic are still in love but Querry is restless (his arrogance knows no bounds), Reg is content (a slight stick in the mud) and Frolic is more confused than ever (poor innocent Frolic). If you haven’t read Boots for the Gentleman then I recommend you do, so you can get the full grasp of just what Frolic is and so you will understand the references of what happened to him. In this story we have a fantastic adventure fraught with danger and conflict; we also see Jean-Andre and his sneaky ways again and meet a host of new and interesting characters.

I have to admit to loving this new adventure, the myriad of descriptions which take you into the jungles alongside them, the incredible descriptions of the mechanical wonders and an emotional rollercoaster as we live their fears, worries and dreams is just wonderful. This book is filled with wonders that pull you along, it makes you frustrated at the characters as you recognize their flaws which they are blind to, and it makes you wish you were on the journey with them as they face uncertainty and the unknown, with creatures that will make your skin crawl and allies that are also foes.

I am recommending this to those who love Steampunk and Fantasy; a trio of wonderful, flawed, perfect men; some incredibly hot sex, confusion, danger, and an ending that has you needing more.



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