A Whole Latte Sass by Marguerite Labbe

Title: Whole Latte Sass

Series: Geek Life 02

Author: Marguerite Labbe

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (284 pages)

ISBN: 978-1-64405-008-8

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (1 Jan 2019)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: It’s no secret cosplayer Felipe Suero is looking for his happily ever after—in his love life as well as his career. He’s getting his degree so he can quit his miserable job and start his own costume business. Now he just needs to land the sexiest silver fox to ever attend a con.

Trask Briscoe’s life revolves around staying clean and sober, running the Magick Den, and attending local cons. His rules haven’t left much room for romance. But he can’t deny Felipe has caught his complete attention. He’s just not sure what he can offer a man so full of joy and sass.

When Trask finally accepts Felipe’s offer for a cup of coffee, he soon finds himself on a second date and a third. Between cosplay projects and roleplaying games, they discover a deeper connection than either of them expected. And Trask realizes that sometimes rules are made to be broken.

Now Felipe just has to convince his family—and Trask—that Trask has more love to offer than he ever dreamed.

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Review: I have been excited about reading this book. After reading the first book in the series, a little unsure and with a little in trepidation and not at all with familiar with the author (Marguerite Labbe), by the end of the book I was pumped for the story that was undoubtedly going to unfold between two characters which we had met, Felipe and Trask. I was looking forward to this because I really got to know the characters in the first book and loved the connections (romantic and otherwise) between the various characters. Also, I now know that Labbe wouldn’t fill the book with a whole heap of unnecessary and cringeworthy clichés about geeks that usually go back to Big Bang Theory (FYI I hate BBT for that reason).

Whole Latte Sass is about the romance between Felipe and Trask, who know each other from the comic book convention circuit although they don’t always see eye to eye. The first thing, and probably most important thing in Trask’s mind is that there is an age difference between the two of them.

Trask is a great, brooding character. He has devoted his life to sobriety, running his gamers shop, Dragon’s Den, and attending all the local cons. Felipe is, quite simply, light and life. He takes cosplay seriously and is truly gifted at creating intricate and flawless cosplay costumes. He also has a major crush on his favourite and very single silver fox on the con circuit, Trask. This is something that we were introduced to in book one, but now we finally get to know why Trask is the way he is and I was so happy to discover that there is much more to the Felipe character than the flighty costume designer which I caught a glimpse of previously.

The age difference is one of the most important hurdles in the budding romance between Felipe and Trask, but I like how tastefully it was done (I’m not into big dramas over age differences). Felipe works hard for Trask and is just the ray of sunshine that Trask needs in his life, but he also has to convince his very supportive and loving family that they don’t need to worry about the age difference as well. I liked that, because Labbe wrote this whole part of the story as very relatable and logical. To top it off, these guys have great chemistry between them and so it makes the fight for the relationship the most important aspect of the book. I really enjoyed how these characters developed, particularly how Trask changes as he opens his heart and mind to new possibilities.

Fans of book one will not be disappointed and highly recommended. Although, I don’t believe that it is vital to have read book one to be able to read this one as we get enough information about other characters that these can be standalone books. Others that are into geek culture, or are geeks, and love a May-December romance will also enjoy this book.

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