Admetus Gaea by N. J. Nielsen

8c932b7538ec41c62c1301096a4ea106.image.300x450Title: Admetus Gaea

Series: The Gaean Prophecies 01

Author: N.J. Nielsen

Genre: High Fantasy

Length: Novel (247pgs)

ISNB: 9781622321193

Publisher: Silver Publishing (25th January 2014)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½ Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: When their world calls for a savior to come forth–they don’t always get what they ask for. Instead, they get someone better, who happens to save the world along the way. They get Grayson Gellespie–defender of Admetus Gaea.

Jarkebb Arindad: The banished son of Lord Jondalar Arindad, ruler of the Elven-kind, was sent to find the savior foretold by the prophecies. He came back with his foster-brother and best friend–Grayson.

Grayson Gellespie: Just a man who finds himself thrust into the role as the savior of a world he believed was nothing but an imaginative story. What does he do when he finds out it’s all real? How will he find the way to save them all?

Bailin Greer: Warrior of the Deepwoods Faerie, Bailin is tasked by the Lady to be the savior’s eyes behind enemy lines. What happens when the bad guy isn’t the enemy?

Alone they’ll fail. Together, their combined forces will have the power to forever change the world in which they live Three stories woven together to tell the beginning of the Gaean Prophecies. Apart from saving the world, our heroes have to fight for the right to be with their bond mates along the way.

CONTENT ADVISORY: As a serial novel, this story has a “to be continued” ending. Stay tuned for further adventures in BROKEN SERENITY, coming soon!

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Review: Jacob and Grayson have grown up together as foster brothers, with Jacob telling incredible tales to the younger Grayson. Now as adults, they live together and Grayson is still addicted to Jacob’s wonderful stories, but what happens when those stories seem to come to life? Jarkebb is Elven and was banished when he was young to find the one the prophesy spoke of, finally called back home he brings Grayson back with him hoping that Gray will be able to handle the truth. Grayson is human and awakes alone and thinks he is in an incredible dream and sets out to find the characters that Jacob spoke of, knowing that they will lead him back to his best friend, Grayson begins to unite the people of Gaea. Bailin is Faerie and finds himself with an important part to play in the prophesy; bring the leader of the enemy to Gray. Together they will bring together the people of Gaea and fight the evil who wishes to rule.

Oh what a brilliant fun story, I loved every second of it and can’t wait for the second installment! Grayson is a brilliant character who, for a long time, wished he was in a coma dreaming the world he finds himself in, when faced with reality he has already begun the journey that the prophesy speaks of. Jacob/Jarkebb loses his memory on the journey back to Gaea but luckily is found by his betrothed, unable to remember but knowing there is something he has to do. Bailin is reluctant in his task at first but finds something he didn’t think he ever would and embraces his task. All three of these characters are given their own little stories within this story, finding the ones they are meant to love.

I actually found this story to be the beginning of an epic adventure of the fantasy kind; it is filled with fantasy creatures that are arrogant, friendly, awkward, and brilliant. We meet many important characters who drag you into this wonderful story and take you away from reality. The storyline is actually a pretty simple one that is easy to follow, although we have different characters perspectives it is never confusing, it is very clear who we are following so we don’t get lost or dumped out of the story.

Grayson is a blast to follow, he has no qualms about riding roughshod over someone when it is needed, he couldn’t care less what race or species he is talking to, they all get treated the same. Jacob and Bailin both play their parts well and we see how they fit in but their parts aren’t as big as Gray’s, maybe we will see more of them in future books. While Gray is exceptional at getting people to work together he is terrible with his own love life, it takes a long time for him to accept who The Lady Gaea has bound him to, but he gets there in the end. Oh and a very special shout out for Misha, he was my favorite character and an absolute sweetheart.

So recommending this story is easy, especially if you love high fantasy, brilliant characters, an epic adventure, bringing people together, finding love and accepting it and an ending that lets you know there is plenty more adventure to come.