Alien Quest by Mark Zubro

18465469Title: Alien Quest 

Series: Alien Dangers 01     

Author: Mark Zubro     

Genre: Science Fiction, Contemporary     

Length: Novel Plus (397pgs)     

Publisher: MLR Press (29th August 2013)    

Heat Level: Low     

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts    

Reviewer: Pixie     

Blurb: Gay Chicago waiter falls in love with a sexy, mysterious alien who asks for his help to save Earth from a mad scientist.

Chicago waiter Mike Carlson stumbles into intergalactic intrigue and romance as he becomes involved with Joe, an alien cop, who lands on Earth in pursuit of a dangerous mad scientist bent on taking over our corner of the universe. As Mike joins Joe on a wild adventure beyond anything he dreamed of in his life, Mike must balance his obligations to his nephew and his first lover– with a little help from a drag queen in sequins and spandex and the well-dressed patrons of a leather bar.     

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Review: Mike finds himself in difficult circumstances when he makes an impression on one of his customers and that customer drags him into a race against time to save the human race from a mad scientist. Joe needs help. On Earth to chase down a wanted criminal, he is clueless about Earth customs so he pulls Mike into aid him. Mike is now in for the adventure of his life, but Mike still has responsibilities with work, his nephew, and his AIDs stricken first lover. 

This is a pretty good alien visitor story where a mad alien scientist with nefarious plans is hiding out on Earth and an alien cop is hunting him before he can cause too much damage. Mike is just a simple waiter, but when he comes to the aid of one of the patrons of the restaurant he works at he gets pulled into a race to save humanity. Joe is a cop on his world, this mission is his last chance to redeem himself and keep his job but fitting in is hard. When Joe asks waiter, Mike, to help him explaining his mission, Mike thinks he is mad until things happen that has Mike helping him out, but Joe finds himself aiding Mike when it comes to Mike’s nephew.

This story is pretty interesting with Joe’s story and the hunt for the scientist keeping you reading. Mike is a pretty simple character who manages to catch the eye of an alien, Mike’s relationship with his nephew is on rocky ground until he discovers just what his nephew has been going through, and he isn’t sure what to believe about Joe. Joe has messed up in the past and he knows that this is a mission he isn’t expected to come back from, but that doesn’t stop him from trying his best. The connection he forges with Mike isn’t very strong but he hopes that Mike will trust him and give in to the attraction they both feel. 

Although I found that this story did jump between topics and at times dragged, it was still entertaining. Meeting Mike’s family added a nice twist to the story along with Joe helping out with Mike’s nephews secrets. Having Darryl seriously ill and finding out about a miracle cure which helps to lead them to the alien scientist was an interesting twist, but also pretty horrific when discovering the true twisted mind of the scientist. The relationship between Mike and Joe is very loose with mistrust that changes to more as they run from the police and FBI while trying to keep on step ahead of the alien bounty hunter. 

I recommend this to those who love alien love stories, danger, chases and escapes, finding love in difficult circumstances and prevailing over evil while keeping love intact. 



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