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Hi guys! We have K.A. Mitchell stopping by today with her new re-release Bad Behavior, we have a short intro from K.A. and a great exclusive excerpt so check out the post and enjoy! ❤ ~Pixie~

Bad Behavior

(Bad in Baltimore 05)

K.A. Mitchell

In a lifetime of yes, no is the sexiest word he’s ever heard.

After one too many misunderstandings with the law, wealthy and spoiled David Beauchamp finds himself chained to the city by the GPS and alcohol sensor strapped to his ankle. Awaiting trial, cut off from usual forms of entertainment, he goes looking for a good time—and winds up with his hands full, in more ways than one. The situation only gets more complicated when he’s summoned for a random drug test and comes face-to-face with the dominant man who took him for one hell of a ride the night before.

Probation Officer Tai Fonoti is used to handling other people’s problems, but he’s horrified when one of the extra clients his boss dumps on him is the sweet piece of ass he screwed the night before. It makes getting a urine sample a pretty loaded situation. Tai’s unique brand of discipline has Beach craving more. But while Tai relishes laying down the law in the bedroom, the letter of the law stands between them and kinkily ever after….

K.A. Mitchell!


Thanks for having me on the blog.

One of the things I love about writing series is getting to see familiar characters from a different point of view. Gavin from Bad Attitude and Beach in Bad Behavior have been best friends for 20 years, so of course Gavin plays a role in Beach’s book. In this little excerpt, Beach is on his way to a fundraiser that Gavin is holding. Tai is helping him dress and planning on giving Beach something special to help him focus during the party.

Exclusive Excerpt!

Tai went into his bedroom and came out with a small box, which he placed in Beach’s hand. “Don’t open it yet.”

The box was black, covered with a faux-velvet finish. Not Tiffany’s, that was certain. It had a solid feel, though, heavy for its size. He was turning it around when Tai reclaimed the box.


Beach complied, a buzz in his nuts as he slid under Tai’s authority. When he stood in nothing but his cuffs, he waited.

Tai took one wrist in his hand. “Are you keeping these on?”

“I want to.”

Tai growled and grabbed Beach’s face, kissing him. Everything—heart-lungs-cock—ramped up, zero to eighty, faster than his Spider, and then it was over too fast. Tai stepped away.

“Gotta get you ready to go.”

Beach glanced down at his dick, and he’d swear it winked back. “Oh, I am, Sir.”

“No, but you will be. You can open the box now.”

Beach knew what the bulb of shining heavy steel was immediately. But his brain took longer to connect a butt plug displayed on blue silk like it belonged in a museum with getting dressed for Gavin’s garden party.

“That should help inspire you.” Tai put the box on the desk.

Tai hadn’t said Beach couldn’t speak, but for once he had nothing to say. Tai was going to send Beach off to mingle with the cream of Baltimore society with a plum-sized piece of steel up his ass. The thought left Beach without a drop of blood anywhere but his hard, aching, dripping cock.

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About K.A.!

K.A. Mitchell discovered the magic of writing at an early age when she learned that a carefully crayoned note of apology sent to the kitchen in a toy truck would earn her a reprieve from banishment to her room. She never stopped making stuff up and was pleased to find out that people would pay her to do it. Over twenty books later, she’s still in love with writing. Reviewers and readers alike have called her a “gateway drug” to gay romance. Although the men in her stories usually carry more emotional baggage than even LAX can lose in a year, she guarantees they always find their sexy way to a happy ending.

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