Bad Boyfriend by K.A. Mitchell Intro & Exclusive Excerpt!

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Hi guys! We have K.A. Mitchell stopping by today with her upcoming re-release Bad Boyfriend, we have a short intro from K.A. and a great exclusive excerpt so check out the post and enjoy! ❤ ~Pixie~

Bad Boyfriend

(Bad in Baltimore 02)

K.A. Mitchell

Causing trouble has never been more fun.

Eli Wright doesn’t follow anyone’s rules. When he was seventeen, his parents threw him out of the house for being gay. He’s been making his own way for the past five years and he’s not about to change himself for anyone’s expectations. For now, romance can wait. There are plenty of hot guys to keep him entertained until he finds someone special.

Quinn Maloney kept the peace and his closeted boyfriend’s secrets for ten years. One morning he got a hell of a wake-up along with his coffee. Not only did the boyfriend cheat on him, but he’s marrying the girl he knocked up. Inviting Quinn to the baby’s baptism is the last straw. Quinn’s had enough of gritting his teeth to play nice. His former boyfriend is in for a rude awakening, because Quinn’s not going to sit quietly on the sidelines. In fact, he has the perfect scheme, and he just needs to convince the much younger, eyeliner-wearing guy who winks at him in a bar to help him out.

Eli’s deception is a little too good, and soon he has everyone believing they’re madly in love. In fact, he’s almost got Quinn believing it himself….

Release date: 20th February 2018
Dreamspinner Press ebookDreamspinner Press paperback | Amazon US | Amazon UK

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Take A Chance On It by K.A. Mitchell

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Take A Chance on It by K.A. Mitchell Intro & Excerpt!


Hi guys, we have K.A. Mitchell popping in today with her upcoming release Take a Chance On It, the third book in her Ready or Knot series, we have a short intro from K.A. and a great excerpt, so check out the post and enjoy! <3 ~Pixie~


Take A Chance on It

(Ready or Knot 03)

K.A. Mitchell

Left at the altar by his long-time lover Spencer and in desperate need of quality health insurance, now, Dane Archer can’t say no when his best man and best friend Gideon DeLuca steps in.  But Dane and Gideon have history, tangled and passionate and complicated.  

After seventeen years of cat-and-mouse, Gideon has realized Dane isn’t the kind of man who ever wants to be caught, and he’s stopped playing Dane’s game.

For Dane, it’s never been a game, but sexual fidelity isn’t his strong suit.  Love is too beautiful for limits, something he’s never been able to get Gideon the control freak to understand. Now Dane has nothing but limits, including the timeline on this paper-only marriage to Gideon. 

Gideon’s the only person Dane trusts enough to lean on, and Gideon will do anything to get Dane through this crisis.  Anything but fall for Dane again.

Living together forces Dane and Gideon to stop circling and face what’s been between them all these years.  They just don’t know if they have the power or the time to make things right.

What they do know is that they’re not ready for it to be over.

 Release date: 19th October 2016
Pre-order: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | B&N | Kobo

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Bad Boyfriend by K. A. Mitchell

Title:  Bad Boyfriend Series:  Bad in Baltimore Author:  K. A. Mitchell Genre:   Contemporary Length:  Novel Publisher:  Samhain Publishing Heat Level:  Explicit Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts Blurb:   Sometimes it’s good to be bad. Real good… Bad in Baltimore, Book 2 After Eli Wright came out, his parents threw him out. In the five years since, he’s made […]