Bayou Boys Series by Chris Cox

18689967Series:  Bayou Boys

Title: Meant To Be (book 1) Moving On (book 2) Tricked Up for Treats (book 3)

Author:  Chris Cox

Genre:   Contemporary Romance

Length:  Meant To Be (34 pages)

Length: Moving On (43 pages)

Length: Tricked up for Treats (38 pages)

Publisher: Cox Endeavors LLC (2013)

Heat Level:  Mild

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb:   Rusty Duchene and Sean Delahunt are each other’s first loves. Emotionally rough high school years and financially draining college years have drawn them closer together and now, with Sean graduating, they are ready to enjoy all the good life their beloved city, New Orleans, has to offer. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

After a tough job search, Sean is offered his dream job—in Boston. But for Rusty, moving to Boston means leaving the career and the family he loves.
Stay or go? Either way, someone loses. Will their love survive the sacrifice?

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Blurb:   Friends since grade school, in love since high school, Rusty and Sean have grown up together. When Sean graduates from college, he is offered his dream job, thousands of miles away from home.

Two months apart, while Sean trains for his new career has stirred all kinds of insecurities in Rusty. When they are finally reunited, Sean seems—different. Or is it Rusty who has changed?

When life experiences challenge their love and commitment, Sean and Rusty must decide. Will they move on with lives together or apart?

Book 2/

18619320Blurb:   Rusty Duchene signs up his fiancé, Sean Delahunt for a couples’ amateur drag competition sponsored by a local Cabaret Club. The prizes are awesome. But the real prize, the one Rusty is hoping they will win is the prize of letting Sean be himself, at least for just one night.

But the head game he’s playing with Sean comes with a high risk, a risk that Sean will fracture instead of become whole.

If the worst happens, will Rusty be strong enough to hold Sean together, to hold their relationship together, or will this be the end of their long-term love?

Book 3/

Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  This was just the sweetest series of Novella’s that occupied my morning and left a big smile on my face!

The story of Rusty and Sean started out when they were just children and as teenagers, they realized they wanted something more from each other. Exploration and discovery led to love. With the complete support of one family, and ignorance and hatred from the other, one would think they could find a balance and tip the scales toward happiness. They manage to maintain a relationship through college, separation and a move to a new city.

In Meant to Be, Sean has just graduated and is having some trouble finding a job. Rusty and his family have always been there for him, loved, and supported him even when his only family turned their back on him. But he wants to be a man and be able to provide for himself. When a job offer takes him away from Rusty, will the separation make them stronger? Or tear them apart.

In Moving On, it’s been two long months that Sean has been in Boston training for his new job. Rusty has decided that wherever Sean is, that is where he should be. So he’s packed up their stuff and awaits Sean’s arrival so his parents can say their goodbyes to their boys as well, before taking a chance and leaving everything he’s ever known behind. Everything but the most important thing, Sean.

In Tricked Up for Treats, Sean and Rusty are settling into their new lives in their extremely small, yet extremely expensive apartment in Boston. Now the tables have turned and Sean is the breadwinner with Rusty unable to secure a job. He finds the odd job here and there, determined to pull his own weight, when he comes across a flyer for a Halloween drag contest. Without talking to Sean first, he signs them up and prays his lover will play along.

18619656This series was just such good fun! The constant throughout all three installments is the love that Rusty and Sean share, a love they’ve shared for over a decade. Cox managed to put a lot of content in the few pages of each story as well. Both young men struggle at different times but usually for the same core reason. Sean still has emotional baggage, even if he has buried it deep, from the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father when he told him he was gay. Rusty and his family have helped him to heal tremendously over the years by giving him noting but love and acceptance, but such things leave lifelong scars.

I loved how Cox would show the vulnerability of the characters and then allow their counterpart to reassure and coax them back with love and tenderness. There are no full sex scenes but there is a lot of passion, kissing, and blowjobs to keep the reader satisfied. Innuendos of sexiness were dropped like breadcrumbs in each book, and I think that only added to the joy of this series. Sometimes just a suggestion and your imagination are quite enough. If you are looking for a fun read to fill a couple of hours, or if you are having a blah day, grab these three stories, I guarantee they will leave a smile on your face!


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