Blood Bathory: Absence of the Sun by Ari McKay

Title: Blood Bathory: Absence of the Sun

Series: The Guardians of Gaia 02

Author: Ari McKay

Genre:  Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Horror

Length: Novel (278pgs)

Publisher: Ari McKay (June 4, 2018)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4 1/2 Hearts

Blurb: Tyger tyger, burning bright…

As theriomorphs in the service of Gaia, Tyr Gustavson and his lover Aaron fought against the vampires aiding the Third Reich during WWII. But even the fierceness of Tyr’s tiger form couldn’t save Aaron from being torn apart when a mission went horribly wrong. Lost in his pain, Tyr remained feral until he was unwillingly recalled to Gaia’s service seventy years later.

In the forests of the night…

When fighter pilot Adam Carson’s plane was shot down, he thought the worst that could happen was being sent to a Nazi prison camp. Little did he know there were other monsters in the shadows, and one of them wanted to claim him. But refusing Elizabeth Bathory had a price. Adam was turned against his will and trapped in a coffin as punishment for his resistance.

What immortal hand or eye…

While hunting ghouls, Tyr and his colleagues discover Adam’s prison. Believing he could be an asset, Marielle Du Lac frees him. Adam joins the team and is drawn to Tyr, despite Tyr’s hatred of vampires. When Tyr rejects Adam out of fear, Adam accepts a suicidal mission to find Thrace, the original nosferatu. If their desperate plan works, the theriomorphs could destroy not only Elizabeth, but the sire of all vampires as well. But if it fails, they could unleash a force leading to the destruction of them all… and perhaps of Gaia herself.


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Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Adam Carson is taken prisoner after his pane is shot down. Only to be taken to Elizabeth during a transport where he’s turned. After the turnng he’s put in a coffin where he stays for a long time. Tyr has been feral and grieving since losing his other half. Now many years later he’s approached with a task to locate Elizabeth.

I loved Adam and Tyr. Tyr grief stricken even now and Adam who finds himself drawn to Tyr. But this story is not all romance and flowers. There is still the ongoing hunt to find Elizabeth and do away with her. Suspenseful and mysterious this story takes you on an adventure where all is not as it seems. The characters are intriguing and fascinating.

Even though some are highly questionable in their actions they all added that special element to bring the story into the light. I truly enjoyed this story and looking forward to reading more.

Great read.

Post Author: Shorty

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