Captive by David Ellis

1228229Title: Captive

Author: David Ellis

Genre: BDSM, Mystery, Suspense

Length: Novel (211pgs)

Publisher: Tenth Street Press (1st July 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2 – 2 ½ Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: With a twist that literally takes your breath away! 

Just a few days away from their civil ceremony, Hugo and Ben’s lives couldn’t be more perfect. Hugo is a talented assistant curator at a local art museum, while Ben is a successful advertising executive. Everyone views them as the ‘dream couple’ – with the exception of Ben’s snooty, disapproving mother. 

Their long awaited honeymoon vacation to South Africa had finally arrived and it had become everything they’d hoped for. Then on their last day, the two handsome men find themselves lured by adventurous sexual fantasies – surrendering to the temptation of extramarital affairs. Unfortunately for Ben, it costs him his freedom. 

Torn apart by a kidnapping, an abductor that wants payment beyond the usual monetary ransom, Hugo’s world is turned upside down as he tries all he can to locate his man. 

Slowly, he becomes exposed to a world of crime and BDSM tucked beneath the murky shadows of beautiful Cape Town. But with the help of new friends, Hugo has the strength to remain hopeful and optimistic that he’ll soon see Ben again.

The story of Hugo and Ben will have you continuously guessing as it takes you down the most unexpected paths. This book is a journey of love and heartbreak, with a twist that will literally take your breath away. Be prepared to become ensnared in a mysterious web of intrigue as one man’s search for his husband leads to self-discovery and tragedy.

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WARNING: Some readers may find some scenes disturbing, Kidnapping, Rape, Murder.

Review: Ben and Hugo are looking forward to their wedding and honeymoon, with only one or two niggles bothering them. Enjoying their honeymoon to the fullest the pair has a great time until the last day, when both men succumb to temptation but one of them lands in great danger. Hugo’s world is turned upside-down, as Ben’s predicament becomes known. Someone from Ben’s past is pulling the strings for their own amusement and monetary gain and he has no plans on letting Ben slip through his long reaching grasp. As Hugo searches for husband and prays for his safe return, he meets new friends. As the journey is continued, love and loss are discovered.

Okay this story shows the dark side of BDSM, it shows people who prey on others and it shows, that sometimes, love just isn’t enough. Even though Ben loves Hugo he is very much led around by his dick, Hugo isn’t happy with Ben’s promiscuous behavior but he loves the man so lets it go. On their honeymoon, Hugo gives into temptation when Ben is sunning himself by the pool, but Ben is far from innocent as he slinks off for a tryst only to find himself bound and gagged. As Hugo frantically searches for his husband he makes new friends who help and support him, but as Ben’s captivity unfolds Hugo has to wonder if he will ever get his man back. Ben is used, abused, and drugged and his recovery is far from over but the psychological effects are what everyone worries about and they are right to be concerned when his unconscious actions lead to tragedy.

I will be the first to admit that this story wasn’t for me, I don’t like cheating so it started on the wrong note for me when Hugo is thinking of Ben’s indiscretion with his best man before the wedding, it doesn’t get much better when Ben is openly suggesting threesomes and sleeping with other people. I also couldn’t understand what a man like Hugo was doing with such a self-centered prick but each to his own. The story got better as it delved into the psychological effects of the kidnapping and abuse and the glimpse it gave us of Ben and his actions after.

The writing was a bit stilted so it didn’t quite drag us into the horror of what is happening. The storyline left a distinct bad taste in my mouth for how all the men wanted to sleep with others and how they fell in love at the drop of the hat, I also found the last parts of the book harder to swallow and hated Ben for his lack of compassion and grief. I will also warn you that the loving couple at the beginning isn’t the same loving couple we find at the end. I will admit that the story premise was a good one but there were too many things that I personally found distasteful, especially the characters who had the emotional commitment of a gnat.

I will recommend this to those who love dark BDSM, kidnapping and sexual abuse, an interesting story premise, and a happy for now ending. 


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