Crazy Like Fox by Michael P. Thomas

91WnrVOmPdL._SL1500_Title: Crazy Like Fox

Author: Michael P Thomas

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (146 pages)

Publisher: JMS books (August 26th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer:   Cat

Blurb:Fox McHardy leads a charmed life. Puget Sound penthouse, gorgeous boyfriend, jet-setting job — everything he’s ever wanted, he’s gotten, including the heck out of the small Iowa town he grew up in. Even the trip he takes to Miami to surprise his boyfriend Jeremy is something of a long-shot wish fulfilled.

Until he arrives in South Florida.

Once things start to unravel, they do so with alarming speed, and he finds himself riding shotgun in a rented convertible with his new sworn enemy faster than he can say, “I want my old life back.”

During an unscheduled stop on the cross-country road trip From Hell, Fox passes up a perfectly good opportunity to keep his mouth shut and finds himself planning the town’s first legal gay wedding — his own, to a man he’s pretty sure he should hate. But someone needs to set a positive example for the queer and questioning youth in this corner of Middle America and, after creatively arranging certain of the facts of his life more attractively, he is proud to offer himself up as a role model.

Small Town, USA, steps up; the grooms are widely celebrated, and generous offers of food, flowers, and picture-perfect venues pour in. The only real challenge will be keeping the lies straight and the truth under wraps until they can get out of town.

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Review: I debated back and forth between a four and five on this. I have to say it started about a bit slow and bounced around so much I wasn’t sure if I was in his now or past. After a few chapters, it finally clears up and it’s the present and s…t starts hitting the fan. Be prepared because things really go haywire and then you won’t want to put the book down.

Fox has the perfect life or so he thinks. He has been with the love of his life and husband for twenty years and the relationship is perfect. He has his dream job though there are rumours the airline will go out of business he doubts it since there have been hiring a lot of new people to make the luxurious trips  even better for the clients.  He has money in the bank, a beautiful condo in Seattle and a high limit credit card. What more could he want.  He sees a chance to take a flight that will mesh with his husband Jeremy’s and decides to surprise him.  In Miami, the stuff all starts hitting the fan and Fox is forced into one heck of a reality check.

Ok I couldn’t help but love Fox. This story really had the twists and turns. At times, you wanted to cry with Fox and at times, you wanted to laugh. You really should read this for a good chuckle even though it at someone’s misfortune. You learn a lot about conceit, confidence, deceit and true love.

I highly recommend this if you like a heartfelt romance, twists and turns, fate and some fairly hot mansex.