Crossroads by Ty Marton

17853033Title: Crossroads

Series: Master  & Apprentice, #1

Author: Ty Marton

Genre: Adult Erotic Fiction / BDSM

Length: Novella (80 pages)

Publisher: APC Publishing (April 5th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: After weeks spent hitch-hiking across lonely back highways in search of himself, twenty-one-year-old drifter Colby Booker is starting to worry that he’s getting nowhere fast…

…And then, he hitches a ride from John Larkin, an enigmatic loner living in the Nebraska countryside. Fascinated with this handsome, mysterious man, Colby accepts the offer of a hot meal at John’s secluded cottage, completely unaware that he’s about to discover firsthand the man’s darkest, most intense secrets. As a twisted, kinky connection between the two strangers begins to blossom, Colby dares to hope that he might have finally found what he’s been looking for: his place. But nothing will prepare the budding young slave for what comes next…

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is an adult story focused on themes of bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism between adult men over the age of eighteen. Subject matter includes explicit sexual activity and scenes of intense BDSM play (paddling, fisting, watersports, CBT, etc.) It is a work of fiction, and intended purely as fantasy for mature readers. If such material offends you, or if reading or owning such material is prohibited in the area, where you live, then you should find another title.]

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Review: This is a nicely written book with an intense erotic plot that has two unlikely characters thrown together in an interesting almost-relationship.

Colby is a young man who has been trying to find his place. Nothing makes sense to him anymore so he decided to simply move. He’s been walking, hitchhiking, and generally moving forward for almost a month, but still that sense of nothingness hasn’t left him. Until a mysterious man stops and gives him a ride.

What was meant to be a ride for some miles turns into a strange agreement. John offers Colby food, a place to stay, and training in what he does for 24hrs. In return, Colby will give John his absolute obedience.

And this is the start of a weird Master/slave relationship (if you can call it that) that results in some kinky scenes and strong fetishes. Mainly fisting, rimming, and a display of watersport fetish that quite literally catches you off guard even if you’ve been warned.

In general, I found the writing fascinating and the scenes erotic enough to enjoy them, except for the pissing scene that I simply could not get into and had me reeling a bit. However, my main issue was with the time period. We have here two characters that do not know each other and immediately they get into a most intense scene. The fact that Colby agreed to be treated quite literally like a dog by a complete stranger weirded me out and was off-putting. The fact that it took only 24 hrs for them to get into an intense bond was also disconcerting even if the outcome was quite credible.

The most convincing part of the read for me was the epilogue though as it hooked me on what is to come and made me want to wait around for the other book and grab it. Impressive.

So in the end I strongly suggest you read the author’s note found on the blurb and if you find that interesting then by all means this is a very well written erotica that I don’t hesitate to recommend.

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